New Palestine    Aug 18th 1894
Articles of agreement made this 18th
day of 1894   Between  George Mohr
of the first and  Richman & Larison
of the Second
The part Richman and and Larison
of the Second in Consideration of the
Covenants and agreements herinafter
Contained to be kept and Performed by
the Part G Mohr of the first Part
Part of the Second Part herby acknowlege
do and Covenant Promise and agree
to and with the Part of the first
Part that Richman and Larison of the
Second Part Erect Built and
Complete Or Cause to be Erected and
Completed on the land of the Part
G Mohr of the first part
good and Substantial Building to wit
of the demensions  description  and 
materials mentioned and specified
in the written paper entitled
Specifications of the work and materials
Signed by Said Parties and Even states
?? with and according to a made by
?? Richeman
?? reference to which said Specification
?? and will Reside at their
?? house all the
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Submitted by Jim Cottrell, former resident of Moral Twp, Shelby Co, IN.

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