Estate  of
J.  M.  Bailey

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Mr. Thos. Burtch
          uncle please give this note to J. M. Baily when he comes to take the mill   I'im Giving a writting article showing what it is for that he is to lift the note that T. Burtch hold against me for the house & lot in Indianapolis or give up the house & lot to him (Burtch)     write and let me know much rent they is on the mill that is unpaid     Bailey says they is a claim at the foundry at Shelbyville     I think it must be a mistake for I have a receipt showing that my part of last work we had done there
A. B. Parke

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Indianopolis April 17 1863
Mr Alford j Park Sir
          I recived yours leter afew dayes ago when it came to hand while I was gone awa to nashvill tenasee as soon as I could asertain in what condition the mill was in and what I could do.     I went and saw the mill it is in avery bad condition     the beltes and lead pipes are al gon and evaerathing is in avery bad condition the ingine is very rusta and soon will spoil     it wil take one hundard and fifty dollars to put it in runig order     I wil take seventy five dollars in money or I wil take twenty five and the mill with the privalage of heading the house and lot and paing the note that burtch hols against you if it is not over three hundred and fifty ;dollars     if you take up with eather of those offers you must let me no ameadetala for my busenes is so that I must no soon or I wil not agrea to do eather
J. M Bailey
If you take up ;with the last ofer you must have burtch send the note aniedate and I wil send him the money

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Indianola waren Co Ioway
Apr the 26 1863

Alfred Parke sir
          I received your letter stating that you had wrote to Bailey and had got no answer from him I wrote to him and told him what you sed I wrote to him that if he would give up the house and lot you would make it all write with him I told him that if he dident give it up with out law you would pay him only what he could get by law and if he dont give it up with out law I dont want you to pay him any more than you are ablige to I told him to let Mother winchel have the house I told him that I wanted it by the first of next month if not I should give judg write order to get it and I tel you the same if I dont hear sume good word from you or him I shal leeve it with judge Write but I dont wanter doeit I arother loose sume than to goe to leave if yiou wil give me the rent of the house from the first of next month ;I wil give you the intrest on the note.
          I seen William Ashworth about that land he ses that kemidys wife dident sine the morgagae but the way the law was leare by him leving the state he could hold it all I dident inquire about it fore you can find out there as wel as I can heare the way land sels hear it wont doe to law about
          We are all well and hearty I would like to have you to come up this fur and see the country and the folks to tel your Mother  [Rebecca BurtchParke]  that I want her to write a letter to me I would like to have her to come and see us I dont know when I shal come down there I may come there this fall but I dont know I ------ -------this summer if I can
No more at this time
But remain yours truly

Irwin Burtch [brother of  Rebecca Burtch Parke]
Martha Burtch                                                  

Submitted by Marilyn Campbell
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Indianopolis May 11
Mr A J Park Sur     your leter came to hand aday or to ago I dont feel disposed to take up with your offer George Thornbery [Thornberry] dont seem to think that he owes you and  ratherfordes [Rutherford]     I dont want but if you will pay me Seventy five dollars agants the before that Burtch seves on the mortgage and give me the mill now I will give up the house and lot when i receave the money       if I have the Mill at ol I must have it rite awa for it is spoiling so that it wont be good for any thing in a short time
write soon          
J. M. Bailey

Burtch sais tha he wont wate mutch longer

Submitted by Marilyn Campbell

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