Respected Broter
I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am still on hand.
I am well at present.
Abul to do a hard day work as ever i could

          I receved a letter frum you which I red with great plasur as it was the first word that i have heard frum you in two years
I am glad to heare of times being so good in you state; not that It is any profit to me; but probely it is agreatdel to you land spectulaters
I have just ogt back wonce moure to missouri plat   i have been a prospecting for a bout tow mounths an i did not find a thing and spent one houndred dolars
now i have come back to my ould Cabben and hire out at four dollars a day on board my self
the wourking clask of men are douing better now than thay did last winter

June 3th 1854
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provender [?] is vary cheap of California.  flour is wourth $7-2/4 [or 2/11] pur houndred
ham 25 cts pur pound
baken 20 cts pur pound
potatoes 3 cts pur pound
beans 12-2/4 cts pur pound
butter 50 cts pur pound
orleans shugar 20 cts pur pound
Coffee 25 cts pur pound
          greean hides varies prices

if a man would settle down in darn good mining destrict an be contented with 4 dollars a day he could soon git a thousen scads [scaels] but it never was my luck to wourk for small wages
4 dolars is conciderd small wages for California
in the states if a man could make 4 dollars a day with a 4 or 5 horse team he would think he was maken money faster then the bigest farmer in states

[third page]
          wal it now Sunday and I want to go to placerville
so i wil dry up this epistel hoping  you may right to me as often is you can

an I will try an do the same

Johnathan F [T?] Coffin
              Sylvester Coffin

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming from the papers of  Dorothy Barnard Hutchison

Johnathan and Sylvester were sons of Moses Coffin and Phebe Leonard.

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