This is a letter written by  Alta (Ensminger) (Pruitt) Trees  to  Vivian Venus Voss Harrell  in Noblesville.  It was included in the Harrell Family Record.  Alta was the daughter of  Ida May A Harrell and Jack Mack Ensminger
      granddaughter of  William H Harrell and Loretta Morris Colglazier
          great granddaughter of  Byrum Harrell and his second wife, Sally Hubble

Jayne, Alta's granddaughter was born in 1926; this must refer to a Harrell or Ensminger reunion circa 1941.

Transcription.  All mentioned are descendants of  William H. Harrell  and  Loretta Morris Colglazier, and of course of  Byrum Harrell and  Sally Hubble, as well as of  Jacob Colglazier  and  Elizabeth Gorrell.  Mary Harrell-Sesniak

August 8th
Dear Vivian:
Enjoyed your letter and all about the reunion -- thanks for the piece out of the paper -- quite a number you have in the service -- I will list in this letter the names of the ones we have in service.
          We had our reunion - there were 41 present -- had a nice day -- the three boys that are living were there -- Uncle Frank, Harry and Uncle Bill. It was a nice day and not too hot to be terribly uncomfortable.
          I think it is nice that Jayne is coming to be with you -- she will keep you company -- I imagine she will be with you just of week ends this winter -- nice she is entering I. U.
          I am trying to get things squared around so I can get a vacation of a few days -- want to leave here Aug. 19th and go up to Milwaukee to see my friends but will have to be back by the 24th, but am grateful for that much time. I did want to go visit Betty at Dayton over the Labor Day holiday but am not sure that I will get to go -- our force has been cut to a very low ebb here and it does not look as tho there will be any one but me after the last day of August -- our program is winding up unless we get something more -- I now do work for about five men and am pretty busy most of the time -- but I am willing to make a change tomorrow if we could only get this terrible war over and get our boys in safe land or at home.
          Jack's boy Bob will finish about the 12th and will then go over -- he is a Navigator and loves it but in such danger. It keeps one so worried and torn up most of the time that it is hard to keep going.

Herbert A. Timney USN
Chief Warrant Office
Mara Island, Calif.         Mae's boy*

Lt. Robert A. Bennett
Navigator, Air Corps
Chathan Field, GA.         Jack's boy*

Lt. James P. Taff
Administrative Section
Readjustment Division
Wright Field, Ohio         Betty's husband (Jack's son-inlaw)*

John R. Coffin
Seaman First Class
Bronson Field, Fla         Uncle Harry's son-in-law**

Pfc. Wm. H. Harrell
Engineering Unit
France         Virgil Harrell's son*

Lt. Everad Comstock
France        Virgil Harrell's son-in-law.*

Of course they are all greatgrandsons of Grandpa Harrell. We have no grandsons in this war.  After I gt home from my vacation I will write and try to get up one week end.  Give my love to all fhe folks.

Love Alta   /s/

*about these people:
1.  I believe Mae to be Mae Ensminger w/o Wray Timney, but need this verified. She would then be the d/o Ida May A Harrell and John Mack Ensminger.
2.  Jack in these two cases would be a different person -- a woman -- Oleatha Ensminger w/o Allen C Bennett. Jack (Oleatha) was also a d/o Ida May Harrell and John Mack Ensminger.
3.  Betty would be Betty E. Bennett d/o Oleatha "Jack" Ensminger and Allen C Bennett.
4.  Virgil Harrell (aka William Virgil Harrell) would be s/o Curtis Orville Harrell & Ida M Bassett and the husband of Sylvia Helms.
5. Everad A Comstock was the husband of Ruby June Harrell, the daughter of William Virgil Harrell and Sylvia Helms. Her sister, Dorothy H. Harrell, was the wife of Carean U Pike.
**  I am not totally certain of the relationship of John R. Coffin and Uncle Harry.

Submitted by Mary Harrell Sesniak

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