Letter written to  Mrs. Ezra B. Hutchison  by  Dan Hutchison  (original letter; spelling and punctuation as written):

Jan 25, 1949
Greenfield Indiana
Mrs E. B. Hutchison

Will try and answer your letter the best I know or remember My father name was  Floyd Hutchison -- had 2 Brothers  Smith  and  Joe  my father passed away in 1915 and three Sisters  Netta,  Lucinda  Sarrah all gone.  his father was married  John Hutchinson  and this  Joe Hutchison  that you mention was relation of our grandfather  But I dont know what.  I do remember Every one called them  Uncle Joe  and  Aunt Pat  and she had a goiter that reached and land on her Shoulder and she breathed so hard.  and they lived south west of New Palestine I never knowed of any Hutchison that lived by or near Shelbyville but maybe they did.  that Pearl Hutchison I dont remember at all you write  Charley Amos  New Palestine Ind  He has always lived down and around New Palestine while we left there over 50 years ago  And He is a little older than we are.

Dan Hutchison

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Letter written by Mrs.  Ezra B.  Hutchison of Iola, KS to Lula (Hamilton) Bay of Golden City, MO (original letter; spelling and punctuation as written):

Jan.  31, 1949
Dear Folk:
Rec'd your letter & sorry as can be Scott is not doing so good, he is such a big boy & needs so much good food, its just one big shame he can't have it = Glad Pete's girls are okay again but hope they keep a close watch on Shirleys mouth =
Glad to get this word of Emma's family, weather is so bad am sure they won't get out soon = I'm working a little at nite but knee is still so bad can't handle these youngsters in day time, was out untill 12:30 Sat.  nite came home in 22 [degrees] below zero weather & every thing & me to, was really squeaking = We have so very much snow & Ice, snowed all forenoon to_day but sun is shining now at 4:30 P.M.  = I cleaned cupboards washed some, visited a lot & now I'm down for a rest = You will find
enclosed this long looked for letter but he [Dan Hutchison, see letter above] is all wrong about "Uncle Joe & Aunt Pat" Mother Hutchison never had any goiter & her name was Tabitha.  Couldn't make "Pat" out of that, & she was tall, slender & dark = I believe he has older people in mind or another family branch, notice his letter has been mailed at Shelbyville & that is where Ezra was born.
You folk carry on from here, don't understand why he didnt know Pearl = Mabe he is not in good mentality, seems something is wrong.
Of course Sandy is a smart cat only I'd sleep with Pat if I were him instead of the chickens, She would smell better = How are Baby chix?  This has been one awful winter on stock & folk both =
Talked with Mrs.  Dixon yesterday she is not a bit well, I feel so sorry for her, can't get over to see her untill weather warms up = Do write,
Love to all, Aunt Lula.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Letter written to Scott Hamilton of Golden City, MO by Dan Hutchison of Greenfield, IN (original letter; spelling and punctuation as written):

Dear Mr Scott Hamilton
You see we left that neighborhood when I was young and then we lost out but Joe Smith Floyd our father were Brothers.
Smith married Judy [? Law - hard to read] and they had three children Well, Julia, Myrtle.  all gone Floyd married Mary [?Nulliner] and us three.  all here.  then three sisters Lucinda married an Amos Charlie Amos mother and lot others I dont know any.
Lilian married a Bush thats The Bush grandmothe Sarrah married a Reed and I think one or Two children.  and our grandfather married a Heath a whole gang up around Noblesville we went in horse and buggy times to a Heath reunion all strangers them.  But the McCanse I dint know any.  Since you folks wrote here we remember that Joe Hutchison married they called Bythe McCanse.  as we are all getting along in years we stay at home pretty close and cant work much any more my Sister has arthritus in her Knees.
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Glad to see this picture of Joe  He was here once when our parents were living  He was a nice looking man and since you wrote we remember the name Nettie Viola and Pearl but we dinnt know who Pearle was.  [note written on bottom of this page by Lula B.  Hutchison: Ezra would have been so glad to have known his mother's maiden name for sure = We thought it was McCanse but had no certainty of it.  her given name was Tabitha & they did call her "Bythe" Grandmother said & I've heard Father Hutchison call her that, it's surely nice to know of them.  L.B.H.]

Notes from the contributor, Deborah Bay
1860 Federal Census, Moral Twp., Shelby Co., IN, referencing the above Hutchisons (Smith, Floyd and Joe):

Possible census match for Joseph Hutchison:  Joseph Hutcheson (age 17, male, born in Shelby Co., IN, attended school within the year); found with the Hutcheson family listed as dwelling 319, family 279 -- John Hutcheson (age 55, male, farmer, value of real estate 7500, value of personal estate 1000, born in Stokes Co., NC, cannot read and write), Delilah Hutcheson (age 56, female, housekeeper, born in Stokes Co., NC, cannot read and write), Jenetta Hutcheson (age 28, female, housekeeper, born in Switzerland Co., IN), Sarah Hutcheson (age 26, female, housekeeper, born in Switzerland Co., IN), Lucinda Hutcheson (age 22, female, born in Switzerland Co., IN), Floyd Hutcheson (age 19, male, born in Switzerland Co., IN), and Smith Hutcheson (age 17, male, born in Switzerland Co., IN).  [Researcher note, 10 Jan 2003: Because Smith Hutcheson and Joseph Hutcheson are both listed as age 17 but born in different counties, it's possible that Joseph Hutcheson is living with the family of his father's brother; see also letters above which reference this family and state that Joseph, Smith and Floyd were brothers.]

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