January 22 the 1860

Dear Brother,  I take the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I have not forgoting you yet, if you have forgot me, I think you have or you would write to me once more. I have not heard from Indan for six months or more. I have wrote too or three letters Charles trip to Indiana he left here the 22 of november to go to indian but he come back the 10 of this month and is satisfied to stay with Mother awhile yet I do not think he went very far I think that he will hardly go to Indiana again soon we received a letter from Uncle Thomas last week, they was all well I am going to school this winter but I can hardly stand it, it finest winter that ever was heard of it warm and the roads dry and dusty write and let me know what you are doing with your old mill I think you thraoed at the rong bird when you went there an old steam mill is like an old jack nife not much much go about them no more scribling yours truly,

Harris Parke

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

january 4

we ar all well at present and geting along very well we hav warmer weather uncle was well the last I heard from them old mess Stone is ded she died at bill Toletes   clarsa thomis  and  Williams  is maried last tuesday morning at nine oclock at the harvester (?)meeting   Decma thar and thrasher was maried  Ams butler mathewes he is a preacher tha maried under very short aquanentes  he leves in Ohio franklin maried them it rained all day tha went to Shelbyvill   deema and thrasher went to Ohio with them thrasher win the chool yet guess decma very well recken you want to hear ov all the wedings  olot jones  and  miss jinkenes ;is maried this abats all let mother and mrth take the farm as will be back and tha will hav him to keap I dont com thar while tha ar thar lin has gon to ukcle thoms to choo gorge haney has fetched on gooles and tu baby tha say jurd Tery has sold our


Submitted by Marilyn Campbell
[Sarah Parke Hughes - MC]

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