Shelby  County,  Indiana
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I believe William M. Pierson was a physician in Shelby County, Indiana, the son of  Morris Pierson
----- means I could not decipher
Submitted by Marilyn Campbell

Greenfield  Dec 8th  1862
A J Parke
          Dear nephew-yours of 29th Nov with copy of tax receipts just came to hand ----------------
as we are always glad to hear from you, and where we read that all is well then we can imagine how you all look, but in ;that we may be much mistaken as some of you perhaps have grown quite out of our knowledge but still it is enough to gratify us that you enjoy your health.  The greatest blessing of all others.  No one can judge so well as those of experience and we have stood the test this fall sure-within the last two months we have had more sickness than the ten years previous.  Luccena & Frank have both had the bilious vomiting (the worst of sickness) at the and for awhile it seemed doubtful as the result, but Frank has got quite hearty, but Luccena is about but quite feeble yet, but so that we feel in good hopes of permanent health soon.  Wille & myself has enjoyed the comforts or misery if you please, of a fine speciousses of but we are all right now, but Clarrissa, and she is more than right.  She took a curious & new notion and left us very quite suddenly and went to the east part of Ohio and ventured with a man and three fine children calling her Mother the fact is the morning of the 25 Nov at 8 A.M. after a short courtship, was married to Mr. Williams the carriage maker here, and at 9 1/2 left on her bridal tour by Indianapolis, Madison and Cincinnati and returned last Monday evening and the next day fixed up their own house with all our help, where they sure to enjoy themselves as well as hart could wish, all right.
I have been engaged in the sawmill business this fall running two mills & two evaporations and made 300 gallons during which time was all our sickness on nearly so which was very hard and unpleasant for us, but we all came out without the loss of a man but in fact gained one, but Clurry was the lucky soul, but our loss is her turned gain when she left.
Ed & Mart are both in the service of their county, Edward is Capt of a Cavalry Co now at Helena Ark on the Missippii and  Mart is Private in a Calvary Co in Tennessee.   I have heard from both--------Ed is not in good health. They were both here in October together, which I may never see again, the fates of war are quite uncertain, but I feel at present as the war would come to a aclose before long and that not much more blood would be shed in this unholy war.  We were at Roberts not long since, they had been afflicted with the ---------.  They are well at Alex Burtchs and living fine, enjoying life better than ;ever before, his step son got his leg broke this summer, but is well now -- William Burtch is dead, he died of ------------------ ( ) is living in Freeport and has a fine little daughter -- that is he & his wife together has, it seems to be a family concern -- We have are excellent school here Frank, Willie & Mary are going this winter, Henrietta is a Mrs B------ asylum at Indianapolis--Frank has just moved her melodeon down into our room, we now will have melodious music discoursed to us certain.  If Asa's family came to stay with you this winter why not fit out your mother and put her on a carris and let her spend this winter in this region of country once more.  She may not look very pretty but still we should like to look at her & enjoy her company this winter if no longer what say you to that - ;you have not much excuse, you have enough to superintend and to do the work without her presence and a little schooling of this kind might be good for the girls if hot for the boys - now spunk up and ;give your Mother an outfit and let us see her.  It is now or Never -- We haven't heard from F----------she had a half dox children or so.  We would like to hear from his and to know how many they have now.  We almost forgotten her, her happiness Ha----------has not paid his note, if his promises were worth 10 cents each I could give the note, a smart credit - I will try-------every opportunity Frank says she will write after Christmas - we are all invited to a Christmas (Turkey) dinner & we intend to go - Our best wishes to you all - write soon
Morris Pierson
(notes written along the edge of the paper)
Frank is now playing on her melodeon.  I wish you could hear her.  Her music is sweet.  She sings and plays at this some times  Oh how melodious
I have answered all of  the letters I have received.

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