The  Trisler  Family
                                                                                            Station C. Portland
                                                                                            December, 13, 1926.

Roy ( Royal Grover Trisler) Trisler.
Greenwood, Indiana.  (Birthplace, Cumberland, Indiana.)

Dear Cousin,

First let me say that we are all well and in good spirits.  Hope this letter will find all of you well and reasonably happy.  We had a letter from  Marshall  telling us that he saw you and had a good talk with you and asking us if we could tell about the  Haddens.

To start with your father's (Edgar Ellsworth) parents:  Martin Rumsey Trisler  and  Elizabeth Katherine (Daniel) Trisler  -- often referred to as  Cassie  or  "Aunt Cass.:  When I was a young man I knew  Susie Trisler.  She was  Martin Trisler's  mother.  At that time who was a widow.  Her husband was  Joseph Trisler,  both of them German.  But Joseph Trisler was old  Aunt Susie's second husband.  Her first husband was a man by the name of  Rhorer.  I never knew him.  Rhorer and Aunt Susie had tow sons,  Simeon H.  and  Simon Dillman Rhorer  and a Daughter  Katie Rhorer  who married  James Wesley Nelson Judd.  Uncle Jim Judd was a school teacher and a very good and successful one for his day and time.  Uncle and Aunt, Jim and Katie, owned a farm near Boggstown when I first knew them.  When I last saw them, my wife,  Mary,  and I visited them in 1881.  Then they resided in a house they owned in Fairland.  They had two sons,  John Wesley  and  Stephen.  I do not know what became of "Wes", but Stephen became an expert telegrapher and was at one time chief train dispatcher at the Union Depot at Indianapolis.  Uncle Jim and Aunt Katie had six or seven girls.

Simeon H. Rhorer  at one time owned a good farm south of Boggstown, (southwest) and about a mile east of Uncle Martin Trisler's farm.  He and his wife had four daughters.  The two oldest girls married two brothers,  Amos Cleaver  and his brother.  The two  Cleaver Brothers were good carpenters.  They were married in Indiana but Uncle Simeon and his wife and the Cleavers later moved to Clark Center, Illinois, (T.O.)  a little town of a dozen houses known as Auburn.  There is quite a good sized town in Illinois there now by the name of Auburn in Sagamon Co.  Then Simeon and Aunt Jane had a daughter,  Clarinda,  who married a  McConnell  who owned a farm just across Big Sugar Creek from Uncle Martin's farm.  Sarilda,  Uncle Simeon's youngest girl married  Wm. Flood.. Bill Flood, Sarilda and Aunt Jane Rhorer they were residing in Marshall, Illinois,  (Note;  Nancy Boggess Daniel  also lived her last days in Marshall, Illinois, died and is buried there.)

Aunt Elizabeth Catherine Trisler used to write her name  Kate E. Trisler.  Her mother was  Nancy Daniel  and her father was  John Marshall Daniel.  Nancy Daniel was Nancy Boggess before she married John Marshall Daniel.  They wee my grandfather and grand mother.  The Boggess' were Virginians.  They moved from Virginia to Kentucky in 1802.  They moved by flatboat on the Ohio river and on May 12th 1802, Grandmother Nancy Boggess was born on this flatboat enroute from Wheeling Virginia to Boonesborough, Kentucky.

There is no Boonesborough, Kentucky, now, but it was near "Big Bone Lick", famous salt spring somewhere, I suppose, not far from Covington.  Grandmother Daniel's father died when she was quite young.  Lindsey,  John,  Billey  and  Harrison Boggess  were her brothers.  Lina,  Betsey  and  Melinda  were her sisters.  Lina married  Joe Boggs  who died of consumption.  His farm is where Boggstown, Indiana now stands.  Nancy married  John Daniel.  They once lived two miles south of Boggstown, on a good farm the "entered" during Van Buren's administration about 1833 or 1840.

Linda married  John Woods, they owned a farm joining Grandfather Daniel's farm on the west.  They wold out and moved to Iowa.  Their son  Harrison Woods,  owns a house and a lot in Des Moines, Iowa.

Note:  I found this letter in the Trisler file at the Shelbyville-Shelby County Library, Genealogy Room.  It seems there was originally another page.  At the bottom, Maurice Holmes has written "From Fay Adams."  At the top Maurice has written "W. A. Crosby 1926 // Wife:  Mary // Mother:  Henrietta Daniel Cr?"  Someone has written "Henry" in the margin and drawn an arrow with its tip in front of  "Rhorer" (paragraph two).

Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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