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Monday, January 2, 1882
That Have Occurred During 1881, Compil-
ed Under the Head of the Month in
Which They Were Recorded--Something
That Will Prove Valuable to Our Read-
ers for Reference in the Future.
          The following is a brief summary of the events of the year that is past, and will be of value to the readers of the Democrat, who by reference to the same can ascertain the date of many of the interesting events of the year 1881.  Just a bare hint, in the shape of a headline or two, is all that is given, but that is sufficient to recall the event to the mind of the reader.

J A N U A R Y .
          Reception of  Mr. and Mrs. Pink;  death of  Mrs. Elizabeth Kirk;  marriage of  Mr. Eugene Sullivan,  of Detroit, to  Mrs. Ellen McCarty;  Philip Phillips'  tizzle at Opera Hall; marriage of  Miss Hannah Levinson  to  Mr. Charles Faas,  of Chicago; death of  Mrs. Mary L. McCorkle,  removal of  Dr. J. S. Rice  to Minnesota; death of  Jeremiah Bennett;  death of  Mrs. Levi Parrish;  attempted suicide of  George Hawkins  at the court-house; marriage of  Mr. Charles Reiman and  Miss Anna Sweitzer.

F E B R U A R Y .
          Death of little  Frank ("Dutch") Doolittle;  the trial of the contempt cases; death of  Mrs. Samuel Lange;  marriage of  Mr. Simeon Carney,  of Washington township, to  Mrs. Helen F. Hargrove  of this city; high waters; marriage of  Mr. Sam. B. Marshall and  Miss Fannie Higgins;  death of  Alex. Robertson.

M A R C H .
          Almost fatal poisoning, by pokepot, of  Joseph Kopp  and family; death of  Mrs. John Beggs  at Green Sprins, Ohio, death of  Mrs. Catherine E. Trackwell,  mother-in-law of  A. J. Ensminger;  death of  Charley Williams; death of  Miss Amelia McKenzie;  marriage of  Theodore Gardner and  Susie E. Hedlee [Headlee?]  in the Democrat office; the  Colee  incest sensation published by the Democrat;  Plum Hanson  trades for a mule; attempt to poison  Nathaniel Thompson  and family; marriage of  Mr. Ross Spurrier and  Miss Alice Campbell,  of Morristown, in the Democrat office.

A P R I L .
          Marriage of  Captain J. M. Ryder,  of Indianapolis, to  Miss Hattie Girton,  of Flatrock;  Saucer vs Haymond; jury bring a verdict for defendant in the  Saucer-Haymond  slander suit; the boss barber and the German sailor, Move, skip out;  George Thompson  skips out;  Worl Fisher  eats ten French rolls in eight minutes;  John Horst  solidifies with the "old man" in Rushville; death of  Stephen Smith  at Jeffersonville; Democratic City Convention.

M A Y .
          Father Rudolf  resigns his pastorate of the Catholic Church of this city;  Ann Eliza Young's  lecture; City election; marriage of  Miss Lizzie Major and  Dr. J. G. Reed;  death of  Roe Sutherland;  marriage of  Miss Mary Schroeder and  Mr. Joseph Schott;  death of  Lee M. Trees;  "dr fouty [sic]  appointed on the Board of Health; cutting affray between  Silas Cowan,  of St. Paul and  Robt. Badgley,  of Brandywine township;  Karmire's Boom;  Mrs. Spurlin's  house at Lewis Creek, robbed;  William Moody  sent to the Insane Asylum where he attempts to commit suicide;  Deserted Douglas,  she run away with a handsomer man; death of  Samuel Montgomery;  James Ross,  of Hendricks township, removed to the Insane Asylum where he dies shortly after; remains of  James Davisson  exhumed at the Wray Cemetery and reinterred in this city; death of  Mrs. Henry Neff;  death of  Mrs. Leo H. Worland;  Ernest Morris  arrives in this city to visit his father; narrow escape of  Frank Connor  from being run over by the cars near this city;  Judge Hord  discovers who has been milding his Jersey cow; "Sweet Girl Graduate."

J U N E .
          John Dodds,  bully of St. Paul, neatly thrashed by  Deputy Sheriff James MagillGeorge Banks,  a colored desperado, assaults  Mose Gant,  and his partner,  Taylor Washington,  also colored, tries to get away with  Joe Law's;  John W. Colee  charged with incest, sentenced to the penitentiary for five years;  Howard Lee  loses his watch; election of  Rev. W. T. Jolly  as County Superintendent; marriage of  A. D. Pollitt,  of Gwynneville; the proposed Evansville, Knightwtown and Toledo Railroad;  Oscar Mathers  starts a Zoological Garden;  Mrs. George Britton  attempts to commit suicide at her home in Prescott; attempted suicide of  William Cochran;  the  Crim  vs.  Barnum  case dismissed; total eclipse of the moon on the night of the 11th, and "How it was observed by a lot of our young folks;"  Tom Wilson  on the war-path;  William Sammons  sentenced to two years in the Penitentiary for stealing  Squire Jack Smith's horses; marriage of  Mr. Orville Bishop  to  Miss Haehl  of Union township; Deputy Sheriff James Magill goes out hunting and gets a "d---d foine[sic] burd;"  Conover's "Leap for Life;" marriage of  Miss Ada Robertson  and  Mr. Geo. Wilson;  Tom Kennedy  leaves for a European tour; "My name ish Baker;" Death of  Mrs. Rachel Wheeler;  "Culchah;" marriage of  Mr. Otto Eschmeyer,  of this city, to  Miss Minnie Wood,  of Indianapolis; son of  George Reed,  of Fairland badly hurt by a self-binder;  Charles Thompson  confined to jail on a charge of larceny, makes an attempt to commit suicide by hanging but fails to shuffle off and is next day sent over the road for two years; lawn festival at  Mrs. John Elliott's  Carey Smith  to "Karve"  Charles Jones  with a "razzah;" "The" Comet makes its appearance;  R. D. Flaitz  presented with an elegant chair by some Indianapolis friends; the infant child of  S. E. Collins,  of St. Paul barely rescued from the haws of a vicious hog; death of  Mrs. Lorinda Thurston;  Joe Sims  badly burned by phosphorus which he had in this pocket; the sweet scheme fixed up by  Will Little,  Myer Harris  and "Nosey," to enable them to get even with a travelling man who had cut them out.

J U L Y .
          Assassination of  President Garfield  and how the news was received in this city; the glorious Fourth and how it was celebrated; the twenty-mile race which took place on the fair grounds as witnessed on the inside of the ring; meeting at the court house yeard and passage of appropriate resolutions on the assassination of the President; Cutting afffray between  W. F. Hughbanks,  J. E. Faulkner and  William Harwood  on South Harrison street; robbery of the  Padrick  hashery; innumerable cases of plain drunks before the 'Squires on the 5th; the hat doctor;  Miss Belle Needham  and  Mr. J. F. Davis,  of Franklin, run away together and are married in this city; marriage of  Mr. John Blessing,  of this city, to  Miss Marv E. Linville,  at her home in Dayton, O.;  Wm. Anderson  sentenced to the penitentiary for two years; 105 degrees in the shade on the 8th; death of  Uncle John Snepp,  of Jackson township; the Weakley House burglarized; store of  F. G. Bennett,  at St. Louis Crossing, destroyed by fire;  Hon. Tilman Raser,  of Kilmundy, Ill., falls out of the Ray House window and receives fatal injuries; the residence of  John N. Clark  burglarized by his brother in-law,  Frank ToddBurr Robbins'  circus; the woman in black; the ink doctor; lawn party in the court house yard; death of  Wm. J. Craycraft  on the 12th; death of  Mrs. Allen Davis  on the 13th; the eleven-year-old son of  Alpheus Tyner,  of Morristown, horribly mangled by being caught in the machinery of  Bacon's mill near that place; the unsuccessful attempt by two Indianapolis officers to arrest the notorious  Taylor Washington  on the fair grounds, who they identify as an escaped convict; the  Kaster  will case settled;  Frank Barnet,  a swindler who put up at the Padrick caravansery, compelled to skip town; death of   Mrs. Edward Fisher;  death of  Mrs. John W. Higgins;  sensational suit threatened by a married woman of color against a wealthy, gray-haired farmer of this county;  Rev. Jolly  presented with a set of harness by  E. Q. Darr;  Katherine Kincaid,  deserted by her lover,  James Jones,  invokes the red eyed law; deadly assault made on  Travis Inskip  in this city, by  George Derrickson;  the residence of  David Grubb,  in Waldron, burglarized; attempt to furn the stable of  Wm. Elliott,  of this city; death of  Miss Ella Muchmore  on the 24th;  "Tommy" Thompson  secures $800 back pension; attempted assassination of  Jacob Hinds  by  Henry Green,  a colored desperado;  Rev. March  presented with $100 in gold by his congregation, and granted a leave of absence to recuperate his health; Brandywine township's crim. con. case;  "Col." Sanders  in serach of his wife, whose affections had been alienated by a white man; the  Toothman  appear on the scene about this time; the lawn party at  D. J. Shaw's  the event of the season;  Joe McBride's Delphos letter; marriage of  George Curson  and  Mary Workman  on the 28th; the war on the Evansville, Knightstown and Toledo railroad waxes hot; death of  Mrs. Allen P. Wortman  on the 29th.

A U G US T .
          Delphos deviltry as witnessed by  Joe McBride,  and how he was invited to take a walk by the half-civilized residents of that place; three horny-handed Grangers named  W. H. Williamson,  J. T. Powers and  James Powers,  and how they bucked against the hieronymus in this city;  John Runk,  the wife-whipper; the Acton camp-meeting and the dining hall; assault on  Mrs. John Harris  by a drunken man; marriage of  Mr. Matt. Temperly and  Miss Ada Maxwell;  E. B. Wingate  gets to the front with his restraining order; Dayton excursion; capture of  John Kelly,  who was wanted in Johnson county;  Wallace Woods,  the "hoss" buyer, skips the tra la lu; death of  Mrs. J. K. Smith;  Judge Hord  writes some spicy letters from the Camp Grounds in regard to the "boy preacher;"  John Dodds,  of St. Paul, tries to shoot  James Cheek  in that village;  W. H. M. Barnes  robs some guests at the  De Armond  House in Grtensburg[sic] and is arrested by Coroner Capp in this city; fire at Acton;  Fernando Fox's house in Marion township set on fire by a tramp; marriage of  Mr. George W. Holmes, Jr.  to  Amelia G. Smith,  on the 10th; death of  Miss Katie Copple  on the 8th; suicide of  E. B. Lewallen  at the Coats House in this city;  Perry Barngrover  of Fairland, indicted for barratry; marriage of  Mis Ollie Waller,  of this city, to  Mr. Charles Spellman,  of Winchester;  Constable Thrall's chase after an escaping prisoner; seduction suit brought by  Miss Susie Francis  against  Joe McCabe;  Myer Myers,  the Merchant Prince of Morristown, presents his grandson with $1,000; death of  "Uncle" John" Pyles;  "Plummer" saturates the seat of his pantaloons with strychnine and gets away with a bad dog;  Roger and  Katie,  the twin terrors of East Pennsylvania street; "Harrison's Home" on the Camp Grounds; the J., M. & I. depot broken into; marriage of  Lynn B. Brinson  to  Miss Fanny T. Crawford,  of Sabetha, Kansas;  Wingate  and the big ditch;  Buck Higgins  robbed;  Oscar Mather  robbed of $24; the railroad tax voted down; death of  Miss Mary E. Roach;  "Harrison's Harangue;" residence of  Mrs. Alonzo Swain  burglarized and the thief captured;  Wash. Good  takes a does of poison by mistake and is pumped out; Hades breaks loose in Goosetown among the  Miller  gang; salacious story from Noble township; matrimonial millenium; the infant son of the  Widow Talkington,  of Sugar Creek township, accidentally shot and killed by his brother;  John Carr,  a thriteen-year-old boy, steals a buggy from  Mrs. Margaret Kuhn,  near Cynthianna, and is captured in Montgomery county; death of  Miss Susie Thrall,  of this city, on the 24th; death of  Tracy Hughes,  of Morrisotwn, at HamiltonO., on the 22nd; Patten's Pet;  George McBride's moonlight picnic;  Daisy Burns,  of this city, accidentally shot; the Greensburg pumpkin show; the Democrat sued for libel, demand $10,000;  William Cochran  found dead in Hendricks township;  W. G. Dunn,  a Fairland attorney, jailed for contempt.

S E P T E M B E R .
          Death of  Henry Fastlaben  on the 1st; death of  Rev. John Newlove;  social at court house of Shelby county teachers; "Butter-tooth" married;  "Tommy" Thompson  thumped by his wife;  Willie W. Parrish  crippled for life by thrusting his arm through a pane of glass in a indow of one of our soloons[sic]; opening day of the county fair on the 6th;  James Brown,  a six-year-old son of  Wm. Brown,  of Sugar Creek township, accidentally shot and badly wounded by his brother; marriage of  Harry Gibson  and  Miss Ida M. Strickler  on the 6th;  Mart Wilson's house, in Washington township, robbed;  Mike Yearling's  pocket picked of $1,100 in notes; meeting of the M. E. quarterly conference;  Judge Hord  renders judgment against   E. Henderson,  of Indianapolis ex-State Treasurer, for $11,639.22 [; ] Reunion of the Seventieth Indiana Regiment of this city on the 15th; little  Charley Hatfield  terribly hurt at  Doran's saw-mill near town; burning of the mill, loss $800;  Ben Farmbrough  appointed trustee of Sugar Creek township, vice  T. A. McConnell,  resigned, on the 14th;  Fred Stephan,  of this city, badly injured by falling from a moving train in Cincinnati;  George R. Long,  of Morristown fall[sic] over a bridge near this city and is badly hurt;  Brother Springer-ix[sic] fools with the buzz-saw at the planing mill with the usual result; death of  President Garfield  on the 19th;  William Demutt,  of Sugar Creek township, badly injured by a runaway : Guitean hanged in effigy and burned on the Square; death of  Mrs. Margaret Schoelch,  of this city, on the 21st; meeting of our citizens in the court house yard on the 25th to pass resolutions on the death of the President; marriage of  Mr. George Goodrich,  of this city,  to  Miss Mary Hill,  at her home in Hodgenville, Ky., on the 22d; attempted rape in this city; a peep into Conrey, Wallar & Deprez's  furniture factory; naughty  Nora CoalstonRev. Tincher,  the new Methodist minister, preaches his first sermon here on the 25th; memorial services in honor of the dead President, address by  Rev. Myron Reed,  of Indianapolis, at the Opera Hall on the evening of the 26th;  Wm. Beachman  escapes from the cooler and is recaptured by  Sheriff Brown,  John Burk  and the Democrat reporter.

O C T O B E R .
          Marriage of  B. V. Enos,  of Indianapolis, to  Mrs. Matilda J. Norris,  of Boggstown, on the 2nd; death of  Mrs. George W. Scott,  of Hendricks township, on the 2nd; death of  Fielding Mitchell,  in this city on the 2nd; death of  Mr. George Huntington,  of Sugar Creek township, on the 4th;  Frank Mather,  Wils. Small and  Geo. Lacey,  three Shelbyville kids, run off to Chicago and return home penitent and hungry;  Robert Benjowsky  removed to the Insane Asylum;  Armistead Lewis  of Hope, skips out; marriage of  Mr. Charles Cheney  and  Miss Alice Doran  on the 6th;  W. F. Reynolds  fools with the buzz-saw at  Stewart's  planing mill and has his hand badly mangled; burning of  Thomas J. Green's  barn, in this township, by an incendiary;  Harry Morrison  appointed Master Commissioner by  Judge Hord;  Eddie Criegler,  who set fire to T. J. Green's barn, conveyed to the House of Refuge;  Colonel A. D. Cross  moves to Seward, Nebraska;  Clint Rinehart  celebrates his tin wedding on the 10th; marriage of  Mr. George Gray  and  Miss Maggie Yelton,  on the 11th; horrible death of two variety actors, who are run over by the cars near town; death of  Mrs. Mary Wingate on the 13th; the beast fired for non-payment of rent (fourth time);  Dr. James Comstock,  of Marietta, called out of his house and badly beaten by  Poke Shaw  and others; the body of  Mrs. Mary Drake,  of Hendricks township, found in Blue River on the morning of the 15th; bodies of the two variety actors killed by the cars, identified; death of  Decatur Davis  on the 14th; narrow escape of  S. S. Carson  and family from being suffocated by gas escaping from his base burner on the night of the 18th;  Judge Hord's  birthday celebrated by his friends on the 19th, and he is presented with an elegant clock; marriage of  C. M. Wright  and  Miss Anna Bass  in Marion township, on the 19th; marriage of  Mr. David Thurston  and  Miss Mary Mann,  of Hendricks township, at the residence of  Recorder Davison  in this city on the 20th;  Samuel Steigler,  a crank from Indianapolis, locked up; safe of the  Rominger  Brothers, in Hope, blown open;  John P. Wilson,  of Hamilton county, robbed of $200 in this city; free turnpikes, and what our people said about the question of buying them; death of  "Uncle Davy" Smith,  of Sugar Creek township; death of  Frank Patterson,  on the 25th, at his brother's residence in Jackson township; marriage of  Miss Emma Mutz,  of Jackson township, to  Mr. Edward Hill,  of Bloomfield, Ind., on the 26th;  Henry Heilenstein  brought back here on a charge of bastardy, from Harrison, Ohio; marriage of  Erskine Lisher,  of Van Buren township, at Wyoming, Illinois; death of  Rev. Mathews,  of Hanover township, in Ohio;  W. L. Carter  moves back to Shelbyville from Cincinnati;  Marsh Goodrich  stabbed by  Matt Wagoner  on the 31st.

N O V E M B E R .
          Marriage of  Miss Alice Thompson,  of Cynthianna, to  Mr. Billman,  of Sullivan, Ind., on the 2nd; wreck on the F., F. and M. road near Boggstown; fire on  Philip Hoop's farm; attempt to rob  A. J. Gorgas  on the public highway, near this city, on the evening of the 3rd;  Louisa Hossler,  of Brandywine township, taken to the Insane Asylum;  Mahlon Shadley  injured at  Talbert's  saw mill;  F. G. Bennett,  a school teacher in Marion township, acquitted of a charge oassault and battery on one of his pupils, whom he was compelled to thrash; naughty  Noah SullivanWright Smith  stabbed by  Barney Barrett,  a "crank," on the 5th; the Peace Jubilee lecture at the M. E. Church on the evening of the 6th; the lecture a fraud; death of  Miss Katie Biddinger,  near Hope, on the 7th;  Flora Runshe,  of this city, gives birth to an illegitimate child on the 8th;  Mrs. Lewis Ray,  of Horace, Decatur county, formerly of Fairland, badly hurt by a runaway team on the 6th;  Alex Blyths,  of this city, declared insane; the marriage of  Mr. Thomas Thrall,  of this city, to  Miss Mary Wagoner,  of Rush county; our phat man massacres a book agent; death of  Laura M. Hendrickson,  of Washington township, on the 11th;  Frank Horner,  a fourteen-year-old boot-black stabs  Lonnie Marietta,  a ten-year-old son of  Charles Marietta,  of this city, the wound not fatal; mutilation of a horse belonging to  S. L. Major,  of this city, by Waldron hoodlums on the night of the 13th;  Harry Parsons  returned to his home in Buffalo on the 15th;  Hiram Wray  attempts to rape  Mrs. John Dismore  near Fairland;  "John Sutton"  swindling peddlers compelled to disgorge by  City Marshal Barger;  the jury in the case of  Susie Francis vs. Joe McCabe,  for seduction and breach of promise, bring in a verdict on the 17th, awarding the plaintiff the sum of $1,500;  Johnny McLaughlin  goes to Smith-land to get a new Deal; twin girls at  Frank Dewitt's house on the evening of the 17th; death of  Philip Leffler,  a former citizen of this place, at Orange Grove, Fla., the 18th; escape of  T. B. Carey  from the wilds of Decatur county; capture of  Matt. Wagoner  in Martinsville; death of  William Wilson,  of this city, on the 21st; Thanksgiving day and how it was observed;  Green Wilson's valuable gray horse stolen and recovered; "Killikranky" (Harry Phillips) almost fired into the Kingdom come by the explosion of some powder in his pocket; "Toothman's Express;"  Robert Pearson  married to his third wife the 28th; residence of  B. K. True,  in Homer, burned down;  James Curson  arrested on a charge of bastardy, the case compromised by his marrying the girl; marriage of  Miss Mollie McConnell,  of Boggstown, to  Mr. W. N. Harding,  of Indianapolis; marriage of  Miss Jennie Blessing,  of this city, to  Mr. Edward Beeks,  of Sandusky, Ohio, on the evening of the 30th; the  Julia Hill  abortion case; marriage of  Miss Laura Hacker  and  Mr. Coy Fleming  of this city, on the 30th; Franklin and Edinburg Notes by Rover.

D E C E M B E R .
          Death of  Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart  on the 2nd; marriage of  Plum Hansom,  our own darling Plummer, to  Miss Annie Johnson  of this city, on the 1st;  George Frechtling,  of this city, killed by the cars near Glendale, O.; death of  Joe Hoover  on the 3rd;  Gen. J. W. Vannoy  sells his saloon to  Wilson & White  on the 5th; death of  "Bob" Smith  on the 5th;  Green Weakley,  an old citizen removes to St. Louis on the 6th;  Hamilton Ratliff  and his illegitimate daughter; terrific fight at St. Paul between  Elijah Halsey  and others on the 7th;  John Jenkins'  matinee at St. Paul on the 7th; marriage of  Marshall C. Cochran and  Amanda E. Talbert  on the 6th;  Robert Kincaid  returns to his family in Geneva after an unexpected absence of two years; marriage of  Miss Gertie Clore to  Mr. Charles Magee  on the 8th; death of  Miss Margaret Stinett  in her nineteenth year at Marietta on the 9th;  Talbert's Boom; death of  Mrs. Elijah Hand  on the 10th; death of  Mrs. John Warble,  of Hendricks township, on the 11th;  Armistead Lewis returns to his home in Hope; the store of  James A. East  at Norristown, burglarized on the 13th; the body of  John Herberts,  an Indianapolis boy, found dead near London; arrest of  John Stevans,  a boot-black, for larceny; death of  Mrs. Robert Stewart,  of this city, on the 15th;  W. J. Grover's grocery store in this city burglarized on the night of the 16th; subscriptions to the M. E. Church;  Charles Hawkins,  Al. and  Charles Shutt  arrested after a long chase, charged with various offenses, on the 19th; a Cincinnati Hebrew here after his "goosie;"  death of Red Cloud, the famous trotting horse, at Edinburg on the 19th;  Gritty Gregory,  the Gwynville school teacher;  T. J. Craycraft  run over by an express wagon;  Simple Simon  stuck for $25 by the Supreme Court; death of  Mrs. Lacey,  of Fairland, on the 21st;  J. W. Crums  store, at London, broken into; Christmas Doing; the New England Opera Company jumps this city and neglect to pay their bills;  Tom Smith,  of this city, celebrates Christmas by whipping his poor old mother; Driven From Home 26th;  Mitchell's  Dream; marriage of  Ed. Aull,  formerly of this city, to  Miss May Schroeder  in Cincinnati on the 26th;  Mr. George Cory,  of Henry county, finds his wife near Fairland, where she was living as a widow;  William Bowman's  narrow escape from being shot; marriage of  Chet. Gordon  to  Miss Emma Graham  on the 29th;  Bishop's  letter from Atlanta;  Joe Hill  sues (?)  Redding Doran;  Columbus Courtesy;  Gilbert Kennedy  arrested on the 30th;  W. H. Hart's  communication;  Mitchell's Muss; Old Hickory;  James Cremeen,  of Morristown, arrested on a charge of bastardy.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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