The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday December 11, 1906
Complaint of Alonzo Abernathy Is "Spicy" in Extreme
          Alonzo G. Abernathy has brought suit for divorce from his wife, Bertha B. Abernathy.  The parties reside at Waldron and their domestic difficulties have been given a thorough airing on several previous occasions.
          The complaint alleges that the marriage took place June 6, 1906, and that since November 2, 1906, the parties have not lived together.  The defendant is said to have been guilty of cruel and neglect toward the plaintiff.  It is further alleged that she was frequently angry at him, that she cursed him profanely, that she spent his money extravagantly and for the purpose of running about over the country instead of devoting it to the purchase of necessities, that she had told people that she was going to stay with the d___ fool until she spent all his money and that when this was done she would leave him.
          The plaintiff states his wife refused to wash and iron his clothing and that she frequently refused to prepare his meals.  He asserts that she is the mother of a child, eight months old, the result of a previous marriage and that she has often left home, remaining away for a week at a time leaving the child at home alone.
          Abernathy asserts that Mrs. Abernathy stole one hundred dollars from his home November 1, the money being entrusted to his care to deposit in the Manilla bank to the credit of other parties.  He further says that she gave most of this money to  Fred Kritzer, of Waldron, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of an elopement with him.
          She is alleged to have frequently been guilty of adultery with Kritzer, both at the time of the elopement and since that time.  Various times at which they spent the night together at Indianapolis are set out in the complaint.
          Wray & Campbell appear for Mr. Abernathy
Contributed by Barb Huff

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