The  Shelby  Republican
Friday, February 16, 1906
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Apprehended  in  Act  of  Selling  Spectables  Without  License --
Has  been  a  Nuisance  for  a  Long  Time.
(From Wednesday's Daily.)
         Boris Adler, a Russian Jew spectacle peddler, has been apprehended by the city authorities for peddling with out a license.  It is said that he has been the source of such annoyance to strangers by his bold conduct.  The city ordinances provide that persons desiring to peddle or sell on the streets must pay a license fee to the city.  This Adler has never done, yet it is known that he has sold goods almost continuously on the streets for a long time.  He has a habit of approaching women passing along the street, deliberately taking their spectacles off and replacing them by a pair from his own case and urging her to buy.  Yesterday he was caught in the act of selling a pair of spectacles to a Fairland man as the latter boarded a north bound car on the public square.  The issuance of a warrant followed.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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