The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday February 5, 1915
Page 2 column 7
Plaintiff States That His Wife
Has Been Guilty of Adultery
and Neglected Home
(From Friday’s Daily)
           Shedrick Anders, through his attorney, Elmer Bassett, has filed suit in the Circuit court for divorce from his wife, Mrs. Bertha Anders, and the custody of their two year old child.  The complaint states that the couple were married June 2, 1910, and that they separated January 24, 1914.  During their married life they were separated on four different occasions, before the filing of the complaint.
           The plaintiff asserts that after each separation his wife would beg for him to take her back and that he did.  He said that the last time she promised that she would be true to her marital vows and that she would pay no attention nor speak to one  Frank White, who, she said, has persuaded her to leave her husband and her home.
           She failed to keep the promise, the complaint states.  It is charged that she wrote cards to White and that she was guilty of adultery with him.  Mr. Anders asserts that his wife would curse him and their child and that on one occasion she fastened the little boy in the woodshed in the rear of their home and kept him there for several hours.  She is also charged with neglecting her home and staying out late at night.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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