The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday January 29, 1925
        SHE  WANTED  OF  HIM
                    Charles Baldwin has filed a cross complaint in the Shelby circuit court to the action for a divorce that was entered a short time ago by his wife, Mrs. Nellie Baldwin, in which he charges her with deserting him and cruel treatment.  Mr. Baldwin resides at 717 south Tompkins street.
          Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin had been married forty-one years, when they separated on January 8, 1924.  In the cross-complaint, Mr. Baldwin states that his wife constantly showed her hatred for him and found fault with him because he did not earn more money.  For days she would not speak to him, he says, and she told him that all she thought of him was his support of her.  She deserted him in 1890 and returned then in 1917 she sold all their household goods and left him again, he says.
          Mr. Baldwin says he is 65 years old and has worked for the Interstate Public Service Company for fifteen years. Three weeks is the extent of the vacation he has had in that that time, he says.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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