The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Thursday, September 21, 1905
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Is Charles Bartlett, a Resident of
          Charles Bartlett,  about sixteen years old, who resides in Walkerville, was the victim of a peculiar accident yesterday.  Although the youngster does not happen to be married, he can safely be said to belong to the vast army of the hen-pecked.
          Yesterday the horse belonging to young Bartlett's father showed an inclination to display his festive spirit by kicking the boards from the barn, which is located in Shelbyville's classic suburb.
          The boy was trying to nail the boards on the barn as fast as the equine heels were removing them.  While stooping to nail a board, a large hen flew to his shoulder.  As he turned to see what sort of a cyclose had struck him, the biddy pecked him in the eye, probably thinking the optic was a grain of corn or unusual size and quality.
          The injury is a painful one, but no bad results are expected.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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