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The  Kokomo  Tribune
May 8, 1964
Page 6
          Sim Blair, 29, Fairland, was killed as his car collided with a truck on a curve on Ind. 9 near Shelbyville.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

The  Indianapolis  Star
November 18, 1915
Page 4  Column 3
State  Briefs
         SHELBYVILLE -- Judge Blair  announced his finding in the case of  Steve Squatkowski  of Bloomington, Ind., against  Dr. Stephen Luckett  of Indianapolis giving the plaintiff judgment for $3,500 on his demand of $5,000 for damages for malpractice.  The case came here on change of venue.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The  Indianapolis  Star
October 17, 1915
Page 7  Column 7
          SHELBYVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs. John Williams  of Peru were here Tuesday and Wednesday, guests of  Judge and Mrs. Alonzo Blair.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The  Indianapolis  Star
May 2, 1915
Page 24, Column 7
          Judge and Mrs. Alonzo Blair  and daughter  Pauline  are spending a week at French Lick.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Tuesday, September 13, 1898
          Prosecutor Blair was told a story Saturday night about an attempt that was made to rob a well know citizen of Moral township.  The country citizen came to town with a sum of money amounting to $100.  He was soon in the hands of a crowd that continually infests this city.  He was taken to a saloon where the attempt was made to relieve him of his cash, but the proprietor caught on to what was being done and stopped the play.  He was then offered $50 not to peach (sic) and to permit the man to be robbed but he called the party down, a friend of the drunk man was sent and he was taken home.  Prosecutor Blair was immediately notified and was given the names of all the parties.  The grand jury will be given the case. 
Copied by Lorraine Llewellyn

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday August 7, 1879
Page 2 column 1
            By permission of Mrs. Alonzo Blair, we are permitted to publish a letter written to her by  Thomas F. Taylor, who at one time made his home with her.  The letter is interesting in this that having been educated by Mr. Blair and for years having every care bestowed upon him, he now seeks to return the many acts of kindness by making the very generous offer he does in his letter.
Page 2 column 4

Letter From Thomas F. Taylor, Esq. To Mrs. Alonzo Blair
                                                                                                434 VanBuren Street
                                                                                                Brooklyn, New York
My Dear Mrs. Blair:
                        I am shocked to hear of your terrible and sudden loss.  I believe you know enough of the facts of my life to feel sure that I can fully sympathize with anybody in distress.  I do sympathize with you.  Since hearing of Mr. Blair’s death I have had many impulses to action, and if I had time to reach your town I should have been at the funeral – that, however, was impossible.  I have no doubt you are surrounded by your husband’s friends and can obtain from them such advice as you require; nor have I any doubt that your daughters – now women – will be a support and a comfort to you.  But for all that, I must beg you to look upon me as a grateful friend, and I ask you to let me know in what manner I can be of any service to you.  Anything that I can do for you I shall be only too glad to do.
            I have thought carefully about my relation to your family and to your husband in his lifetime.  I have never been slow to acknowledge my indebtedness to him.  I am not rash now when I make the following offer which lies in my duty and which your husband would himself – if alive – heartedly approve of:  I want you to promise me that I may educate your younger boy – Lonnie – as finely as and as nearly as possible like I have been educated.  When I say educate, I mean to pay the expenses of and direct the course of his education.  This will be the surest way of making him a good and useful man, and the kind of a son you will like to have in your old age.  I am aware that the undertaking is a great responsibility – for my own education was very expensive.  I hope to be ready for it as soon as the boy is old enough.  If you consent to this, speak to Lonnie and get his consent, and I shall only be too glad to find that you are willing to enter upon an enterprise which I shall work hard to carry out, and which, if successful, will be a lasting comfort to us all.  It may be impossible for me to come to Shelbyville this summer, I may come soon after, however.

                                                                                                Yours, Most Respectfully,
                                                                                               Thomas Fenton Taylor
Contributed by  Bob McKenzie

The  Republican  Banner
November 27, 1856
          Dissolution of Partnership --- announcing the sale of merchandise of Blair and Elliott as the partnership expires by limitations December 31, 1856.  The firm will continue under Mr. Blair.
John M. Blair
Jesse W. Elliott
Contributed by Greg Curson.

The  Boston  Patriot
February 4, 1828
Page 2.3 ----------
          Indiana Administration Convention, Indianapolis, January 12, 1828 - meeting in Indpls of the Friends of Home Manufacture, and Internal Improvement, in the state of Indiana.  Shelby Co represented by  James Blair.
Contributed by John Addison Ballard

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