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The  Shelbyville  Republican
September 13, 1917
Page 2
Held  In  Boring's  Woods
South  of  Reedville -- Rain
Interfered  With  Fun.
          The third annual reunion of the Boring family was held last Sunday in Wright Boring's woods, south of Reedville, and quite a number of relatives and friends gathered there to renew acquaintances and enjoy the day together.  At the noon hour a sumptuous dinner was spread, to which all did ample justice.  Swings were provided for the amusement of the younger people and horseshoes and baseball furnished diversion for the men.
          The youngest member of the family present was  Cecil Wendell Swain, aged one month, son of  Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Swain  and grandson of  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Boring.  The oldest member present was  Mrs. Lucinda Boring, widow of the late  William Boring.  A sudden shower in the afternoon brought the gathering to an abrupt close, but not before every one present felt that they had been amply paid for whatever effort they had put forth to make the day an enjoyable one.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Friday, August 15, 1902
Irvin Boring Knocks Charles Wagoner
Down and Releases his Brother.
Greenfield Republican.
          An affidavit was made in 'Squire Buck's court at Fountaintown Thursday against  Lawrence L. Boring,  a young man of New Palestine, charging him with bastardy.  A warrant for his arrest was issued and placed in the hands of special  Constable Chas. Wagoner.  Constable Wagoner found Boring at New Palestine and had him in charge when he was assaulted by Boring's brother,  Irvin Boring,  who knocked Wagoner down until Lawrence Boring made his escape.
          Thursday evening 'Squire Buck and Constable Wagoner came to Greenfield where an afficavit was made in  'Squire Smith's  court against Irvin Boring for "unlawfully striking Chas. Wagoner, an officer, and freeing Lawrence L. Boring from arrest."  A warrant for Irvin Boring's arrest was placed with  Constable W. Personett,  who went after his game early this morning, arresting him at 5:30 a.m. at the depot at New Palestine, where Boring is employed as section boss on the railroad.  Boring was brought before 'Squire Smith this morinng where bond was given by his father,  Cyrus Boring,  a farmer residing in Shelby county.  Irvin Boring was released and his trial is set for next Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. in 'Squire Smith's court.
        Lawrence L. Boring, who was arrested on the charge of bastardy, and made his escape by his brother's assistance, is still at large.  Constable Wagoner is making an effort to locate him and will probably soon learn of his whereabouts.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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