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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Friday May 20, 1910
Mrs. Bertha Bowley Has Filed Suit for Divorce
 in Circuit Court
Her Husband Lives in Logansport
          Mrs. Bertha Bowley has filed suit for divorce in the Shelby circuit court against her husband, James W. Bowley.  The complaint was filed by Attorneys Tindall & Walker late yesterday afternoon.  Mrs. Bowley is a resident of this city while her husband is employed in a grocery store at Logansport, where they lived before moving to this city about two years ago.  The complaint states that the couple were married June 13, 1894, and lived together as husband and wife until May 10, 1908.  The plaintiff charges her husband with cruel and inhuman treatment and alleges that he abused her without any provocation on her part whatever.  The complaint states that the defendant frequently cursed her, calling her vile and abusive names and epithets.  On May 1 before their separation, the complaint alleges that the defendant threatened to kick her down stairs and later did strike her in a brutal manner.  On the day of the separation the complaint states that the defendant ordered the plaintiff to leave home and on the same day sold their household goods.  The defendant alleges that the plaintiff stayed out late at night and when she would ask him where he had been he would tell her that it was none of her business.  According to the allegations in the complaint Bowley is a habitual drunkard and has not contributed toward the support of the plaintiff since their separation.  Mrs. Bowley prays the court to grant her an absolute divorce and asks that her maiden name be restored.
Carroll County, Indiana,  Marriages
James Bowley  Bertha Satterley
June 13, 1894
Book 10   page 281
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