The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday, April 18, 1918
Going  Like  Hotcakes  in  Breedlove
School  District,  Moral  Township.
        The citizens of the northeast corner of Moral township known as the  Breedlove  school district have caught the true spirit for buying thrift stamps.  This community embraces territory about two miles long and that wide.  A committee was named there to look after this branch of government aid.  The committee is  John R. Eck,  W. H. Phares  and  John S. Moore.  These gentlemen know that thrift stamps can be sold if the effort is made.  Recently they disposed of stamps to the amount of $2,226.55 in that small district and now they have given the wheel another turn for $1,000 more of the stamps.  That kind of help will spite the kaiser hip and thigh.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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