The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday, July 27, 1916
Twenty-Ninth Year  No. 70
Page 1
          A runaway that might have been of some consequence happened about 7 o'clock this morning when one of the large horses belonging to  John Brills,  local representative of the  Moerlein Brewing Co., became frightened and ran away.  He was standing by the side of a car where empty beer kegs were being loaded from a wagon into the car.  All at once the horse started down Noble street on a dead run.  Part of the time he chose the sidewalk, part of the time he selected the parking space as he desired.  He ran on Noble to Broadway and turned west, scattering beer kegs at every jump.  Some boys stopped his run as he was passing the Catholic church.  People who saw the accident say that it was fortunate that no children were playing along the street at the time.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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