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The  Shelbyville  News
Wednesday, August 24, 1955
Page 2
Bush  Family  Holds
Reunion  at  Greenfield
          A reunion of the  Bush  family was held Sunday at the Greenfield park.  Edghill Moore,  retiring president of the organization, presided and  Mrs. Myrl Peterson  gave an invocation for a noon dinner.  During a program,  Mrs. Ernest Bush  gave a memorial for  Pat Peterson  and  Joe Beaver  and in a business session  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrd  were elected as president and secretary-treasurer.
          Present with their families were  Messrs. and Mesdames  Morris Bush,  John Thompson,  Harley Parker,  L. V. Stewart,  Raymond Bush,  Kenneth Bush,  Edghill Moore,  Orville Thompson,  Ernest Bush,  William Shofner,  Earl Berkenheimer,  Richard Byrd,  Howard Huffman,  Douglas Padrick,  Harold Peterson  and  Frank Richards;  Mrs. Myrl Peterson,  Mrs. Elbert Brown,  Joyce Beaver,  Harland Huffman,  Sharon Sipes  and  Mrs. Carrie Moore.
          Present with the families mentioned were seven guests.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, August 24, 1911.
Page 4   Column 1
Met at Martin Bush Grove Near
New Palestine Yesterday ---
Large Number Present.
(From Monday's Daily.)
          The annual reunion of the Fields and Bush families was held in the  Martin Bush  grove near New Palestine yesterday and was a most enjoyable affair.  An over abundance of excellent things to eat was supplied by the good housewives.
          Among those present were  Martin Bush  and family,  Mrs. Caroline Fields,  Clyde Snodgrass,  Ernest Curry  and family,  Stacey Wicker  and family,  C. F. Helms  and family,  Will DeCoursey  and family,  George Abel  and family,  Willard Bush  and family,  Russell Plymate,  Len Bush  and family,  Theodore Bush  and family,  W. A. Henry  and family,  Louis Cobbler  and family,  Herman Bush,  Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith  of Indianapolis, and  Master Gilbert Abel.
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The  Daily  Democrat
Thursday, August 24, 1911
Page 4   column 3
          Martin A. Bush,  one of the prominent farmers and clever gentlemen living near New Palestine, paid this office a welcome call, Wednesday, and renewed his subscription to the Democrat.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Saturday, March 2, 1907
Will of Anna A. Busch.
          The last will and testament of  Anna A. Busch  was filed for probate in the county clerk's office today.  The instrument was drawn up on September 27, 1906, and was witnessed by  Isaac Carter  and  Clarine Morrison.  She asks that not exceeding $100 be spent for a monument at her grave and that of her husband.  She gives to her son, John H. Gathman, ten dollars, and to her younger son, C. Henry Gathman, all indebtedness due her, which consisted of a note for six hundred dollars secured by a motrgage[sic] on property.  All the residue she gives to her husband during his life time and asks that at his death it be given to her son, C. Henry Gathman.  She names her husband as executor.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The Shelby Democrat
Thursday December 24, 1896
Page 3 column 4
          Clerk Powers  yesterday, issued a marriage license to  Mr. Green Bush, and  Miss Gertrude Ensminger.  The groom is a well known young man of the northern part of the county, and the bride is the popular daughter of  Mr. William Ensminger, of Brandywine township.
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The  Shelbyville  Volunteer
Thursday, January 3, 1878
          William Bush, whose arrest with the young men who were passing counterfeit money, was mentioned Friday, suffered the penalty of being caught in bad company, like the geese in the fable.  He was allowed to go free with nothing worse against him than a small fine for carrying concealed weapons, and returned home rejoicing, glad he was alive.  This experience will doubtless prove a warning to him in future to beware of wicked companions.
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