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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Wednesday, June 23, 1909
          Sheriff John Butler and wife were at Smithland yesterday visiting Mrs. Butler's brother,  James H. Harrell, of Oklahoma, who is at the home of  John Harrell.  The sheriff and the Oklahoman took a trip to Edinburg in the sheriff's automobile.  Mr. Harrell is suffering from a cancer and today he went to Indianapolis to consult a specialist.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Wednesday December 12, 1906
          John W. Butler, the well known fish dealer of this city, has brought suit for divorce from his wife, Emma A. Butler.  The complaint alleges that the parties were married in 1892 and that in 1898 the defendant abandoned the plaintiff.  Mr. Butler also asks the custody of the daughter, Myrtle, thirteen years of age.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday January 25, 1906
Page 8 column 3
            Joseph Butler, eighty-three years of age, father of  John H. Butler, has come to reside with his son in this city.  Mr. Butler came from Kentucky with his parents at the age of nine years and located in what is now Shelby township, where he has continuously resided for seventy-four years with the exception of about one year when he was out West.  John has taken the old man into his home to provide him with the comforts of life in his declining years.
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The  Muncie  Morning  Star
December 17, 1904
(By Associated Press)
Shelbyville, Ind., Dec. 16.- John Butler's livery and feed barn was destroyed by fire today.  Loss $5,000.  Charles Watkins, a fireman, was fatally injured by falling timbers.
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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Friday, October 7, 1898
          Mr. John Butler, who has been bill clerk at the Pennsylvania office in this city for a number of years, was on Monday made agent of the Pennsylvania lines at Rushville and has been transferred to that point.  The Republican can assure the people and the business men of Rushville that they will find Mr. Bulter[sic] a perfect gentleman in all respects and worthy [of] their full confidence.  While his friends here are sorry to see him leave they are happy on account of his advancement.  Mr. Will Wray, of North Madison, takes Mr. Butler's place.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Wednesday, January 27, 1886
L O C A L    N E W S.
          Mrs. W. O. Butler  went to Hancock county yesterday to see her father,  Greensberry Golden, who is seriously ill.
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The  Banner
Jennings County, Indiana
July 2, 1863
A Family Re-Union
          One of the largest gatherings of one family ever held in the State, certainly the largest we ever witnessed anywhere, came off at the residence of  Ovid Butler, Esq., just north of the city, near the North Western Christian University, on Thursday last.  The day was one of the most beautiful and pleasant of the summer; a gentle breeze brought with it the odor of sweet flowers and a kindly bidding from Nature to toss care aside and be merry.  The mandate was promptly obeyed.  Children played on the lawn, in front of the family residence, among the flowers, while groups of older folks, some of whom are approaching near to the even-tide of life, collected here and there to discuss the news and relate snatches of personal history, and experience of months and years of separation.  The harmony which pervaded the assemblage found expression in patriotic songs and songs of the heart, in which young and old participated or gave a listing ear.
          The families and parts of families present numbered in all ninety six persons, about sixty of whom were adults.  In the meeting every eye was lit up with joy, and health seemed to be imprinted on every countenance; more than all, every one, in heart and word and deed, is loyal---true to the Government which their ancestors fought to establish, the same Government which members of the family are now gloriously fighting to maintain.
          The head of the present family and branches, Mr. Chancy Butler, was born in Vermont.  A good portion of his life was spent as a farmer in the State of New York, thence he came to this State in 1817, shortly after it was admitted to the Union.-- Little is now known of the family antecedants prior to the age of  Joel Butler, who was the father of the elder Chancy Butler.  He, Joel Butler, was a Baptist Preacher and spent much of his life in the calling in New England, and the State of New York.  He died in this State in the year 1822.
          Chancy Butler, the elder, died in this city in 1840, in the 65th year of his age.  He was, in the latter part of his life, a Christian preacher and was at the time of his death, Pastor of the Christian Congregation in this city.  The following are the names of the brothers and sisters (children of Chancy Butler) and their companions:
          Mabel Pabody  and her husband  Dr. Ezra F. PabodyOvid Butler  and his wife  E. Anna Butler;  Polly Knapp,widow of  Amos Knapp;  Sally Thayer wife of  Spencer Thayer;  Chancy Butler and his wife  Jeannette Butler;  Demia Todd  and husband  Dr. Levi W. Todd;  William M. Butler and his wife  Mary Butler.
          1.  Branches of the family of D.F. Pabody and wife of Vernon, Indiana:  H. C. Newcomb, wife and family of this city;  Mrs. Sarrah Butler  wife of  Dr. Levi Butler  of Mineapolis, Minnesota;  Mrs. Frost, and family of Seymour, Indiana;  Rob't Leavitt, wife and family of Vernon, Indiana;  J. B. Smith, and family of Jennings Co., Ind.;  Dr. Robt Carlton, wife and family of Madison, Indiana; also two unmarried children, Julia  and  Ezra F. Pabody Jr.  In all 27 persons.
          2.  Branches of the family of  Ovid Butler, of Forest Home, near this city:  William Wallace, wife and family of this city;  Dr. P. H. Jameson, wife and family of this city;  Ovid Butler, Jr., wife and family of this city; also five unmarried children.  In all 23 persons present.
          3.  Branches of the family of Mrs. Polly Knapp of Vernon, Indiana:  Elijah W. Knapp, wife and family of Queensville, Indiana;  Marion D. Todd  and wife of Vernon, Indiana; also two children of deceased daughter of said  Polly Knapp.  In all 13 persons present.
          4.  Branches of the family of  Spencer Thayer  and wife of Shelby county, Indiana:  Sidney Thayer, wife and family of Shelby co., Ind.;  John Toner, wife and family of Shelby Co., Ind;  William M Thrasher  and wife of Lafayette Co., Ind.; also one unmarried daughter.  In all 10 persons present.
          5.  Branches of the family of  Chancy Butler  of Shelby co., Indiana:  Albert Butler  and wife and family of Shelby co., Ind.  In all 5 persons present.
          6.  Branches of the family of Dr. Levi Todd and wife of Vernon, Indiana:  Mrs. Jane Treisback  (wife of  Mr. Treisback) and family of Vernon, Ind.;  David G. Vawter, wife and family of Franklin, Ind.;  Ovid B. Todd  and wife of Jennings co., Ind.; also four unmarried children.  In all 14 persons present.
          7.  William M. Butler, wife and one child of Green Lake co., Wisconsin.  In all 3 persons present.
          Besides these there were the two families of the deceased daughters of Chancy Butler, to-wit:  Mrs. Eunice Wilkinson  and  Mrs. Irena Knowlton, unrepresented at the family meeting except by one daughter of  Mrs. Knowlton.
          In all there were 96 persons present -- 12 of the first generation -- 47 of the second and 37 of the third.
          In the afternoon all the relatives collected on the lawn beneath the trees and arranged for a picture, which was taken by the well known Potographic artists, Messrs. Cox and Miller, of this city.  The scene was of real Arcadian beauty, and one that will be long remembered by every one present. --- Ind. Daily Gazette.

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