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The  Kokomo Tribune
August 17, 1929
          Mrs. Lillie Somers  of Kokomo,  Mrs. Elsie Pickett  attended the Caldwell reunion which was held at the home of  Lon Caldwell  near Shelbyville, Sunday.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Tuesday, September 2, 1913
Page 2
          Clifford Caldwell, of Indianapolis, is here the guest of friends and to attend the fair.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday April 18, 1912
Page 1 column 7
Although He Was Fondly In Love With Her In December
When He Married Her Down In Old Kentucky
Christmas Day Wedding Did Not Move Along As Smoothly
As The Participants Hoped It Would
          Because  Charles Caldwell  did not love his wife,  Irene Caldwell, as well in May as he did in December, Mrs. Caldwell decided that she wanted a divorce and this morning she appeared before Judge Blair, where the papers legally separating her from her husband were given her.  She was asked not to marry within the next two years and she promised faithfully to enjoy at least that length of single-blessedness.
          Mr. Caldwell and his wife chose Christmas day, 1887, as about the proper time for them to get married.  They were in Kentucky at that time and the ceremony was performed in that state of pretty women and fast horses.  Later they came to this city to make their home.  The husband finally tired of his wife and abandoned and deserted her.  For the last five years of their married life, he failed to provide for her and she had to make a living by labor.  They separated May 16, 1907.  The plaintiff was restored her maiden name of Harding.  The parties are colored people.
          Wray & Campbell looked after the interests of the plaintiff.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  National  Volunteer
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
December 29, 1853
           A temperance mass meeting had been held at the court house December the 24th concerning the enactment of a prohibitory liquor law...... Jacob Kennerly had chaired the meeting and a committee of five had been appointed to draft resolutions.  They were Dr. Fishback,  H. F. Gaines,  Rev. E. Kent,  G. C. Smith and  J. C. Caldwell.  The committee appointed to elect delegates consisted of  William Brown,  William T. Gaines,  Gideon Stafford,  John Hendricks Sr., and  B. F. Pettit.
Abstracted by Maurice Holmes, in his book Shelbyville, Indiana, Newspaper Excerpts: 1853-1859.   Submitted by Sherry Badgley Ryan, with permission from the author.

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