The  Fort Wayne  Daily  Gazette
May 31, 1866
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He is Shot and Captured
From the Louisville Courier May 28. -- 
          The good people of Shelbyville were thrown into a state of great excitement, not to say alarm on Saturday last, by the appearance in the town, late in the afternoon, of  Capt .Terrill, the noted guerrilla, and two of his associates.  Terrill was armed from head to foot, having on his person five loaded pistols and a carbine.  His associates were  Baker  and  Withers who, if they art not so notorious, were equally dangerous and desperate characters.  On entering the town the trio commenced blustering and bullying the citizens, and drinking and carousing, defying any and all attempts that might be made to arrest them.  They took charge of the town, as they thought, and for a while had things pretty much their own way, producing much consternation among the citizens.
          But the tables were soon turned upon the outlaws.  Judge Caldwell  issued an order for their immediate arrest.  The order was placed in the hands of George W Caplinger, Marshal of the town, and he promptly summoned a posse commitatus to assist in the arrest.  Withers, meanwhile, learning what was going on, took a back street and made his escape.  By the time the Marshal had collected his posse of citizens, Terrill and Baker had mounted their horses, and were going at full speed endeavoring to make their escape.  They were eagerly and rapidly pursued by the citizens, with loaded guns and pistols.  Coming up with Terrill and Baker, they were ordered lo halt.  Instead of doing this, Terrill turned and fired at his pursuers, wounding one of the party a  Mr. Randolph  of Shelbyville.  The pursuing party then commenced firing simultaneously, and with deadly effect, several of the balls taking effect on Terrill.  One ball entered the back, near the spinal column and, ranging through the body, came out at the breast near the collar bone, inflicting it is thought a mortal wound.  The other shots took effect on various parts of the body.  Terrill immediately fell from his horse, and was picked up and taken into town by his captors.  Baker received nine balls, one of them going directly through his heart, yet, strange to say, he remained on his horse till he reached a distance of half a mile from the spot where the fatal shot was fired, when he fell with a lurch into the road, and died in a few minutes.  His captors were immediately upon him, and secured the body.  We have in our possession a new memorandum book which Baker had in his breast pocket at the time, and which is perforated with three large balls, showing that the firing was very accurate.
          In the affair, Mr. Redding, of the Redding Hotel, of Shelbyville, was wounded, though not dangerously.  The Marshal, G. W. Caplinger,  George Petry,  George Bales  and  Isaac A Payne, assisted by others, were instrumental chiefly in the killing and arrest of the parties.  The party reached this city at six o’clock on Yesterday morning, having Terrill in charge.  He was placed in jail, though a physician who has examined his wounds, considers them dangerous if not mortal.
          Terrill it will be remembered, is the man who was recently rescued from the jail in Taylorsville, Spencer county, by some of his companions.  He has long been a terror to honest people.
Contributed by John Ballard

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