The  Shelby  Democrat
January 15, 1925
Page 5,  Column 3
Indianapolis  Man  Visiting  At
Waldron  Is  Held  In  Jail
Here -- Arrested  Monday
           An affidavit that charges insanity was filed Monday against  Verne Cartmel, a resident of Indianapolis, in the court of  Clarence Thompson, justice of the peace at Waldron.  Mr. Cartmel was taken in charge at Waldron on Monday evening by Sheriff  George Nigh  and his deputy and he was brought to this city to be placed in the jail pending the outcome of a sanity commission that will be in session at once.
          Mr. Cartmel has been visiting relatives at Waldron for several days and is said to have developed tendencies of a religious fanatic.  His condition became violent on several occasions, the residents of Waldron say and he was believed to be dangerous as they claim that he threatened those about him and acted peculiarly.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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