The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday May 5, 1923
(From Friday’s Daily)
          A divorce was granted to  Mrs. Mazie P. Chadwick in the Shelby circuit court today, in her complaint against  Horace M. Chadwick, prominent farmer of Shelby county and a member of the county council.  The request of Mrs. Chadwick for alimony of $3,000 was denied by the court announcing the decision in the case.
          The separation of the couple took place October 17, 1922, followed by the action for a divorce a short time later.  Mrs. Chadwick charged cruel and inhuman treatment and in an answer alleged the defendant had appropriated proceeds from the rent of her property for his own use.  Mrs. Chadwick is now residing with her daughters in Indianapolis and Mr. Chadwick is living in Freeport.  Ed. K. Adams represented Mrs. Chadwick in the case and George H. Meiks was the attorney for Mr. Chadwick.  The couple was married November 2, 1883.
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The  Greenfield  Daily  Reporter
Greenfield, [Hancock County] Indiana
Monday, October 23, 1922
Mrs. Mazie Chadwick,  of  Freeport,
Filed  Divorce.  Suit Against  Husband.
          Mrs. Mazie P. Chadwick,  of Freeport, has filed a complaint for divorce against  Horace M. Chadwick,  in the Shelby circuit court.  She asks for $100 for attorney's fees, and alimony in the sum of $3,000.  Ed. K. Adams is representing Mrs. Chadwick in her suit.  Mr. and Mrs. Chadwick are among the well known farm residents of the north part of Shelby county.  They are the parents of four children, all adults.
          The complaint states that the couple was married November 2, 1892, and separated October 17, 1922.  For two years, Mrs. Chadwick says, her husband had failed and refused to make reasonable provision for her.  She alleges that he has a violent and ungovernable temper, and that he has abused her and mistreated her.
          Mrs. Chadwick asserts in her complaint that her husband at times refused to speak to her except to criticize her and to annoy her.  She alleges that he slapped her.  She states that he was sulking and morose in his actions toward her, but that when with other, he always made himself agreeable to them.  She says that her husband was constantly eulogizing other persons, and comparing her unfavorably with other women.
          The plaintiff asserts that her husband is of a stingy disposition, and that he refused to provide her with help on taking care of a large house, although he is financially able to do so.  She also charges that he frequently locked the door of their coal house, so that she could not get fuel with which to keep their house warm, and that she has suffered from cold.
          When he criticised her, Mrs. Chadwick states that Mr. Chadwick told her he was feeling as young as thirty-five, although she states that he is sixty years old.  She states that he told her that he would have no trouble getting a younger woman than his wife.
          Mrs. Chadwick says in her divorce action that her husband owns real and personal property valued at more than $7,000.  A restraining order was issued by the court and served on the defendant yesterday, prohibiting him from annoying Mrs. Chadwick, calling at her home or from disposing of any of his property pending the hearing [the article continues]. 
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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Wednesday, June 12, 1912
Page 1
          Dr. John Chadwick  and  James McCloskey went to Indianapolis this afternoon.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, January 26, 1886
          Ed. Chadwick  was in Van Buren township on legal business yesterday.
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