The  Shelbyville  Republican
October 27, 1917
Page 1
          Fred Collier, arrested here Thursday night on a charge of intoxicaton and sentenced to serve 11 days in the county jail will be taken to Greensburg when his time has been completed here. Collier lives near Nineveh in Johnson county.
          Chief Johnson of the Greensburg police force was here today, investigating Collier's case. He is alleged to have passed two worthless checks in Greensburg recenlty.  The checks were for $20 and $5. A receipt of fare paid which was found on Collier's person when he was arrested here showed that he had come here Thursday from Greensburg.
          When taken in charge here he had a check on a Greensburg bank, which had been filled out, the officers say.  Collier, it was stated, attempted to hide the check by placing it in his cap.
Submitted by Phyllis Miller Fleming.

The  Indianapolis  Star
November 17, 1915
Page 4  Column 3
Briefs  From  Over  The  State
         SHELBYVILLE -- George Collier  and his son  Ernest  of London paid fines and costs of $56.85 here for keeping a gaming house and permitting minors to play in their poolroom.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The  Indianapolis  Star
Friday, September 24, 1915
Page 4   Column 7
          SHELBYVILLE -- Mrs. Minnie Collier  paid a fine and costs amounting to $11.55, in a justice court at Fairland, for drawing revolver on  John Driscoll.  Mrs. Collier declared she used the gun to hold Driscoll's attention until she could tell him what she thought about his allowing his horses to enter her premises.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

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