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The  Oregonian
November 10, 1920
Oregon Pioneer
Celebrates Birthday:
Anson Sterling Cone
          Mrs. M. Laudenklos, 394 Multnomah street, North, gave a reception to her uncle, Anson Sterling Cone, on his 85th birthday anniversary on Thursday.  Mr. Cone was born in Shelby County, Indiana, November 6, 1827.  He removed to Iowa in 1841 and crossed the plains for Oregon in 1846.  He located a short distance east of Buttevile, and has made that his permanent home up to the present time.
          Mr. Cone is the only survivor of the 12 jurymen before whom was tried, early in 1850, five Indians for murdering  Marcus Whitman, M.D., his wife and 12 others, on November 29-30, 1847.  The indians were found guilty and hanged at Oregon City on June 3, 1850.  Mr. Cone was married to  Mrs. Sarah Ann Wade Long Cone, the widow of an elder brother, in October, 1866.
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Contributed by John Addison Ballard

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