A  Shelby  County  Newspaper
June or July, 1917
Wedding Anniversary

Former residents celebrate fortieth wedding anniversary
          Mr. and Mrs. Adam Danford, former residents of the county, celebrated the fortieth anniversary of their wedding at their home in Reddick, Ill., on June 25, 1917, and a fine dinner was served at the noon hour.  The day was a delightful one for the jolly company that had assembled for the celebration.  Mr. and Mrs. Danford received a number of very nice presents from their guests, among whom were  Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lack and four children, of Fair Oaks, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Styck and five children, of Reddick;  Mr. and Mrs. William Bertrand and two children, of Joliet;  Mrs. Joseph Tuntland and three children, of Bradley;  Mrs. W. C. Ritter and two children, of Sandwoch;  Mrs. McGue and son and daughter, of Bradley;  Miss Zora Danford,  Mr. and Mrs. Osterlie and thre children,  Mr. and Mrs. Hanson and three children,  Mrs. Mallon and daughter,  Mr. and Mrs. Shelley and daughter, the Rev. Mr. Kincade  and  Mr. M. Nelson.
Submitted by Bob Gordon

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