The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, May 27, 1907
Sons of Veterans
Initiated Ten Candidates Last Night
          The Frank Talbert Camp, Sons of Veterans, initiated ten candidates last night.  About one hundred representative citizens now belong to this order, the membership of which is restricted to the sons or grandsons of men who fought in the War of the Rebellion.
          Those who were last night given an insight into the mysteries of this patriotic organization are  Oliver Itce,  T. A. Derrickson,  Estie Lightfoot,  J. W. Lansing,  M. E. Youngman,  Ralph J. Edwards,  Frank Gray,  Charles E. Jackson,  Adam L. Sosbe,  and  John Mathes.  Mr. Sosby, who was initiated last night, is both a veteran and a son of a veteran, as his father and himself were both serving during the sixties.
          George Krietenstein, of Terre Haute, formerly a division commander of the order, was present last night.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Logansport  Pharos
December 14, 1896
Page 2
Something Wrong With Her Death
Shelbyville. Ind.. Dec, 14.Tessie Mefford, a 9-year-old girl who lived with her grandmother,  Rebecca Derrickson,  four miles east of here, was found dead in bed Sunday morning, Dec. 6, and at the suggestion of  George Derrickson  the funeral was made private.  Mrs. Mary Ayers  and  Nancy Collins  happened in and took part in dressing the body without invitation.  These ladies have indulged in much talk since regarding the child's condition.  This, with the fact that the little girl was buried without undertaker or clergyman, has caused so much excitement that  Coroner Booher  will exhume the body.
Contributed by John Ballard

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