The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday April 15, 1902
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Has Stirred Up a Mess of Trouble----
Charged With Assault and Battery
           The case of the State VS  Austin Douthitt,  charged with assault and battery on  Nancy A. Giltner  at Fairland last week, was set for trial Saturday before  Squire Andrews, but Mr. Douthitt took a change of venue from the Squire and the case was sent to  Squire Maze, at Fairland.  Anna M. Perry  has also filed an affidavit against Douthitt, charging him with assault and battery on her.  George Bassett was also arrested in the same charge, preferred by Nancy Giltner.  Bassett’s case will be heard before Squire Andrews in a week or so.  These cases grew out of Douthitt forcibly taking his child, now about four years old, away from Mrs. Giltner, and at the time, we understand , he was accompanied by Bassett.  Mr. Douthitt’s wife , who was Mrs. Giltner’s daughter, died at the time the child was born, in a hospital at Indianapolis, and the child was given to Mrs. Giltner at once.  She has raised it and cared for it until last week, when, as her attorney alleges, Mr. Douthitt went to her house in Fairland and forcibly took his child away from her, after, as she says, he had given it to her to raise.  Mrs. Giltner failed to have the child legally adopted and, of course, the charge of abduction will not lie against the parent in the case.  The case of Douthitt will probably be tried at Fairland for the sympathy of the citizens there is much in favor of the grandmother.  Where Mr. Douthitt took the child when he took forcibly possession of it is not known at this time.
Shelby County, Indiana Marriages
Mattie F. Giltner  Austin Douthitt
August 30, 1891
Book 14 page 130
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