The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday March 1, 1923
          George W. Dudley,  defendant in the complaint filed in Hancock county by  Mrs. Adah M. Dudley,  for a divorce, and sent to Shelby county, on a change of venue, has filed a cross complaint to the action, thru his attorney,  Ed. K. Adams.  Charges are made in the counter action that Mrs. Dudley and her parents conspired to bring about the separation and cause him to be charged with forgery, altho the charge was later dismissed, following which the plaintiff left him and took their three children with her.  Mr. Dudley asserts that after their marriage, her father established them on a farm of 40 acres with the understanding that the land was to be deeded to Mrs. Dudley.  The complaint sets out that the farm was in a run down condition and with the sanction of Mrs. Dudley, the defendant spent approximately $1,500 in improvements.  He further charges that his wife ignored him, called him improper names and ordered him to leave home.  Mr. Dudley asks the decree to divorce be granted to him, payment of $1,500 spent on her property and the custody of their oldest daughter.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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