The  Kokomo Tribune
Page 12 Jan 17, 1933
GROCER  WIPES  $10,000
Shelbyville, Ind., Jan. 16
          Declaring that many of his debtors were the customers who made his business a prosperous one in other days, a Shelbyville grocer today erased from his books accounts aggregation $10,000 with the announcement that "no one owes me a cent."  "They gave me a start in the world," said  Chris Duffy  in announcing his action.  "They helped me when I needed help; they put me on my feet.  It would be a poor kind of gratitude now for me to let them down, wouldn't it?  I'm going to help them have a chance to start all over again.  The largest of the accounts cancelled by the neighborhood business man totaled more than $500.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

The  Indianapolis  Star
May 9, 1915
Page 11
          Mr. James McBride  and  Mrs. Anna Duffey  were married here Monday evening.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

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