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The  Shelbyville  News
July 12, 1999
Mr. and Mrs. John Dugan, 911 Hale Road, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception at Fiddlers Three, 1415 E. Michigan Road.
Mr. Dugan and the former  Phyllis Pollitt  were married July 16, 1949, Shelbyville.
Mr. Dugan is self-employed.
Mrs. Dugan is a homemaker
Parents of  Marietta Phillips, Indianapolis;  Susan Meltzer, Noblesville;  John P. Dugan, Florence, Ky.; and  Mark Dugan, Shelbyville.
Six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Summarized by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Republican
August 3, 1936
Page 3   column 5
S O C I E T Y   N E W S
Frances Phares, Society Editor
          An excellent attendance was shown at the annual  Dugan  family reunion, held Sunday at Sandusky north of Greensburg.
          Over one hundred persons enjoyed the basket lunch served at noon, and participated in the business meeting and social afternoon.  Albert Dugan  was elected president of the group for the coming year.
          The meeting next year will be held the first Sunday in August at the Laura Morrison park, in Shelbyville.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Kokomo  Tribune
Saturday, August 10, 1929
          Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nash  and children and  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dutton  motored to Waldron Saturday where they were the guests of  Mr. and Mrs. George Hill  and  Mrs. Eliza Dugan  family reunion which was held at the  Frank Dugan  home near Shelbyville.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

A  Shelbyville  newspaper
Saturday, November 12, 1911
Marched in During Choir Rehearsal and Surprised Choral Friends --
Will Reside East of This City in Home Already Furnished
          The members of the choir of the First Presbyterian church were most genuinely and pleasantly surprised Friday night, when right in the midst [of] the rehearsal of a difficult cantata, the organist stopped playing, the lights in the auditorium were flashed on, and  Miss Ethel Dugan  and  Mr. Edward Buescher,  both members of the oranization and well known young people of this city, marched to the altar to the strains of the Bridal march from Lohengrin, and were united in marriage by the  Rev. Earl Roswell North.
          The choir had long surmised that their marriage was soon to be solemnized, but no one was certain of the date and the manner in which the wedding occurred last night completely surprised every one of the members. The Rev. North and  Professor Chenall  were the only two who were cognizant of the arrangements.
          Miss Dugan is the daughter of  Frank Dugan  of this city.  For several years she was employed as bookkeeper and collector for the Hilligoss & Son company.  She has a large circle of friends with whom she is very popular, and who will be very much surprised as well and glad[d]ened to hear of her happy marriage and the most romantic circumstances surrounding it.  Mr. Buescher is one of the prominent young farmers of this county.  He is very well known in this city.
          Following their marriage they went to their newly furnished home three miles out of the city on the Michigan road where they will reside in the future.
          Their marriage is the culmination of a romance resulting from their work as members of the choir.  They have on many previous occasions sung coincident parts in anthems and cantatas, and they have the solo parts in the cantata for Sunday night.  Their absence from the rehearsal last night caused some comment and for a time it was thought that some one would divulge the secret, but such was not the case and the surprise was most genuine.
Submitted by Don T. Mitchell
Notes:  (1) Ethel Dugan (1889-1982) was the daughter of  Francis M. 'Frank' Dugan (1861-1933) and  Phoebe Ella Boger (c1865-1891).  Frank Dugan was the son of  Jeremiah 'Jerry' Dugan  (1832-1891) and  Lucy Jane Mitchell  (1835-1912). (2) Edward A. Buescher (1877-1959) was the son of  Jacob & Henrietta Buescher.

The  Daily  Democrat
Saturday, July 1, 1911
          Jonah Dugan, of south West street, was called to Indianapolis yesterday by the serious illness of his wife's son, Arthur Brown.  He is suffering from an abscess of the liver and underwent an operation today in the hope of obtaining relief.  It is feared he can not recover.  Mrs. Dugan  has been at his bedside since early in the week.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Wednesday, May 31, 1911
Page 1
          A horse owned by  Frank Dugan, a well known Shelby township farmer, had a narrow escape from death in an accident at his farm southwest of the city last evening.  In play with another horse, it dashed against a board that projected from a building on the farm and the sharp point of the board penetrated its side to a depth of several inches.  There were several rusty nails in the board and the animal may die yet of lockjaw.  The veterinary surgeon who was called stated that the injury was not a serious one, however, unless complications arise.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Saturday, March 2, 1907
          F. M. Dugan, one of Shelby township's democratic leaders and prominent residents, was a welcome caller on the Democrat today.  We are proud of the friendship of the genial  Frank.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday, December 12, 1872
          George B. Huffman  has been appointed Administer [sic] of the estate of  Elijah Dugan,  and has advertised to sell the personal property of the Estate on the 24th of December.  See sale bills printed at this office.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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