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The  Kokomo  Tribune
Howard County, Indiana
April 28, 1955
Page 3
          Relative dinner guests of  Mrs. Guy Todd  on Saturday were;  Mr. and Mrs. Herschell Kerr,  Mr. and Mrs. George Durbin  and grandson  Bud  of St. Paul, Ind.,  Mr. and Mrs. William Durbin  and  Mrs. Janice Winetraub  and daughter and  Alfred Durbin  of Shelbyville,  Mrs. Naomi Rush  of Hope and  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Durbin  of Pendleton.  All attended the funeral of  Elkana Durbin,  a relative, at Methodist church Saturday afternoon.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Friday October 8, 1920
Page 5 column 2
Thomas F. Durbin, Veteran Civil War
Furnishes Museum With Many Relics
          Thomas F. Durbin, formerly of Dearborn county this state, for 51 years a resident of Cheyenne, Wyoming, who has sent the state department of conservation several souvenirs and relics of the civil war to be placed in the state museum.
          The collection consists of a commission or appointment of  John H. Durbin, his brother, as 1st Lieutenant Sergeant of Co. I 83rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry by Col. Ben Spooner on March 1, 1863; a printed copy of the winter camp of the 16th Indiana Volunteer Infantry near Frederick, West Virginia, and rosters of the 134th and 146th.  His brother,  George L. Durbin, was a member of the latter company.  Both the former Hoosiers and war veterans are dead.  John H. Durbin passed away in Denver, Colorado April 14, 1907, and George L. Durbin died at Leavenworth Military Home, November 26, 1918.
          The late Colonel Merritt C. Welch, of Greensburg, who supplied the character of the sheriff in Eggleston’s "Hoosier Schoolmaster," was in command of the 146th according to the roster.  At the close of the civil war Col. Welch for many years was a prominent citizen of Decatur county, operated a general store at Milford and at the time Eggleston’s book was written, was sheriff of Decatur county.
          Company G. of the 146th was recruited in Dearborn County in February 1865 and mustered into service at Indianapolis, March 1.  The company went south to Harper’s Ferry and to Winchester, Virginia, and then was sent to Baltimore, Maryland, where it did picket and guard duty.  It was discharged at Indianapolis September 13, 1865.
Company I, 134th was recruited at Aurora, Dearborn county, and organized May 8, 1864.  James Gavin was the Colonel.  This company rendezvoused at Camp Carrington, Indianapolis from May 18 to 24 and departed for the field.  It was mustered out of service at Indianapolis September 1, 1864.  John Woolery who died at Nashville, Tennessee, July 26, 1864, is the only death recorded during the existence of the company.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, February 12, 1903
Page 5, column 6
          Austin Durbin has brought suit for divorce from his wife in the Marion County court at Indianapolis.  She resides in this city.  They have been separated for several years.  He will be remembered as one of the mail carriers in this city some years ago.
Submitted by Barb Huff

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Tuesday, October 11, 1898
          Austin C. Durbin,  of this city, has brought suit in the circuit court against his wife,  Jennie L. Durbin, for divorce.  Mr. Durbin complains and alleges that his wife has been guilty of cruel and inhuman conduct; that she has applied vile epithets to him; that he has returned of nights to his home to find the doors locked, he being compelled to go elsewhere to remain over night and he farther[sic] alleges that she is guilty of keeping company with bad people of both sexes.  The Durbin's reside in this city.  There were married in 1881 and lived together until last month.  J. B. McFadden represents Mr. Durbin.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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