The  Shelby  Union  Banner
February 18, 1864
Page 3  col 1
A  DOUBLE  ROBBERY -- SEVERE  JOKE  ON  AN  HONEST  GERMAN. -- Early Monday morning, a young man, whose father resides in Putnam county, and who has been visiting an uncle in the eastern part of this county, rode up to the livery stable kept by  "Dutch John,"  of this city, on a very fine looking horse, which he succeeded in selling to the aforesaid John at about one-half its value, and immediately thereafter took the train for Indianapolis.  In the afternoon the uncle came into the city, and tried to get possession of the animal, stating that the horse had been stolen from him.  The stable-keeper, however, refused to deliver him up, and late in the evening still held possession.  But "presto! change," morning came, and by some unexplained agency the horse had disappeared, and poor "Dutchey" was left to bewail the loss of both money and horse.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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