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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Wednesday, June 24, 1908.
Prominent Business and Lodge Man Indicted Yesterday by the
Grand Jury Chared with Poinsoning His Wife -- Failed
to Give $2,000 Bond and Went to Jail.
          Quite a sensation was sprung in this city this morning when  Fred A. Ellis  was arrested on the charge of attempting to poison his wife.  The indictment was returned by the grand jury last evening when they made their final report to  Judge Sparks.  This morning Ellis went to the court house with one of his attorneys and asked the deputy sheriff if he had anything for him.  The deputy told him that he would see and he went to the clerk's office, where he secured the affidavit and arrested him.  His bond was fixed at two thousand dollars and he was allowed to see several of his former friends in an effort to give the bond.  He was not successful and was locked up on the county jail.
          The indictment is in two counts.  It charges Ellis with attempting to poison his wife,  Mary E. Ellis,  on the 20th day of last May.  The second count charges that Ellis placed arsenic in castor oil which his wife took for medical purposes.  His case will be tried some time during the next term of court.
          The neighbors, who are aware of the facts upon which the indictment was found, refused to give out anything for publication this afternoon when seen by a reported for the Democrat.  The facts in the case that were learned before the grand jury met are set very clear.  Several of the persons who testified before the grand jury said before they had been called as witnesses that Mrs. Ellis had been ill for some time and she had been taking medicine.  Among other things she had been taking castor oil.  The witnesses declare that it is their belief that the poison had been given to Mrs. Ellis in small quantities for several days.  She took some of the castor oil on the 20th of May and it made her sick.  The neighbors found her in a bad condition and a doctor was summoned, who said she had been poisoned.
          The St. Paul Telegram printed a story several days ago which siad that a bottle of medicine had been taken to Greensburg from this city to be analyzed.  It further stated that if it was found to contain poison an arrest would be made in this city which would creat a sensation.  The chemist who analyzed the oil was on of the witnesses examined by the grand jry, as was several of the local physicians and neighbors of the Ellises.
          The Ellises came to this city about ten years ago.  While here Ellis has been engaged in the laundry business.  He has had a good trace and has made a great deal of money out of the business.  During the last term of the Shelby Circuilt court, Mrs. Ellis filed a suit for [can't read] and it would have been tried during this term.  At the last term, the judge allowed Mrs. Ellis an allowance of sevety-five dollars.  On the nineteenth day of this month the suit was dismissed and the [can't read] paid.
          A few weeks ago Ellis took his wife to Cincinnati where she was treated for nervous complaints.  They had gone to living together again and after the dismissal of the divorce proceedings the general opinion was that they had fixed up their differences and all was as [can't read] between them.  They have one child, a daughter, about four years of age.
          Ellis told several of his friends yesterday that he expected to leave this morning for Wisconsin, where he would stay for the next month and spend the time fishing.  He did not appear to be worried over anything and was apparently very much elated over his prospective outing.  He made arrangements for his defense this morning by employing the law firms of Hord & Adams and Tindall & Tindall to look after the case.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Friday, September 29, 1899
          If you want your laundry work done right, go to  F. A. Ellis, and you will get it.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
July 19, 1899
          F. A. Ellis  has had twenty years experience in the laundry work.  He knows all about the business.  Take work to him and be suited.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Republican
Monday, February 1, 1892
          F. A. Ellis  has had twenty years experience in the laundry work.  He knews[sic] all about the business.  Take work to him and be suited.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, January 5, 1892
          Richard Ellis, Esq., of Zanesville, Ohio, and  Miss Annie Ellis,  of Washington D. C., are in the city to attend the funeral of their brother, the late  Thomas Ellis.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Thursday, April 13, 1882
          A large audience greeted  Mrs. Z. G. Wallace  and  Mrs. Dr. Ellis, at the Methodist church last night.
Contributed by D. Darlene Palmer

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