The  Shelby  Republican
Tuesday, February 13, 1906
Page 3
(From Friday's Daily.)
          Papers were made out yesterday by County Clerk W. A. Posey, at Rushville, asking that Ebert Emmons, 38, married, of Manilla, be admitted to the East Haven Asylum for the insane at Richmond.
          Emmons was adjudged a person of unsound mind in  Squire Smart's court at Manilla, on the 4th inst.  Doctors Barnam  and  E. D. Jewett  were the examining physicians.  Five years ago Emmons lost a leg as the result of a fall under a train.  He then began to use morphine to ease the pain and he finally became a morphine fiend, taking as much as 12 grains per dose.  He labors under no particular hallucination, but is inclined to be morose and uncommunicative.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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