The  Shelby  Republican
Friday, August 12, 1898
          Mayor Enos  never fails to interest himself in behalf of the children at the orphans' home when a circus cones to town.  He has succeeded in securing admittance for them to almost every show that has come here since he has been mayor.  Unless this is done these children would never have the opportunity of seeing a show or an entertainment of any kind and that would ...... 
[Remaining bottom portion of article not readable or has been cut off the page.]
Copied by Lorraine Llewellyn

The  Shelby  Union  Banner
April 14, 1864
          William Enos, Co. F 3d Ind. calvary, will carry any letters and small packages to persons in that regiment, that may be left at  J. H. Enos' Stone-yard.
Submitted by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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