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The  Jasper  Weekly  Courier
12 Apr 1912
Page 3
          Shelbyville - Capt. Henry M. Endsley,  veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars and leader in county politics here for half a century, celebrated his ninetieth birthday anniversary at the home of his daughter,  Mrs. T.B. Carey,  at Fairland.   He was once a member of the state assembly and is counted one of the most distinguished citizens of Shelby county.
Contributed by John Addison Ballard

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, November 16, 1905
           Mrs. John Ensley,  of east Franklin street, has gone to Connersville to visit her daughter, Mrs. Charles Widdman.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Volunteer
Thursday, December 18, 1862
Page 1
From the 70th Regiment.
GALLATAN,  TENN.,  Dec. 3, 1862.
          MR.  SPICER, --- SIR  : --- As reports derogatory to the reputation of the 70th Ind Reg., have gained currency by some means, I would like very much, through the medium of your paper, to inform the friends and relations of those composing the 70th, and especially those who are related to the members of my company, that these reports have no foundation in truth.  We have received letters from friends, stating that there were in the hospital four hundred, and that the balance of the boys were the dirtiest and most demoralized set of fellows ever seen.  Now, whoever gave publicly to such a report as this, must have known he was lieing; or if he published it without first acquainting himself with the facts, he is no less culpable.  There were, at the time these reports were circulated, about seventy-five of the regiment in the hospital, some of whom died, and others are now in their companies doing duty, and some are yet at the hospital; but as to the  dirty demoralized boys,  it is utterly false, of course there are boys who are immoral, and some too, who are not as cleanly as they might be, but as a general thing the boys who were of cleanly habits at home are the same here, and those who were moral there are the same here.  I wish now to say that, so far, our regiment has been highly complimented both by officers and citizens, for their fine appearance, and their perfection in drill.  No regiment in our division makes any better appearance than the 70th Ind.  All reports as to starving and going naked, are basely false.  The boys generally are contented and satisfied with the service.  The health of the regiment is greatly improved since we have been marching, and I am of opinion that if we are kept on the march we will get clear of disease. --- The boys are very much enraged on account of these reports, of which I hear spoken, and I would advise the man who started them to give the lie to them as speedily as possible, as a day of retribution may come.
Commanding Co. F., 70th Ind. Reg.

          [CAPT. ENDSLEY  has evidently been misinformed as to the reports afloat derogatory to the 70th.  all we have ever seen were those written by members of the Regiment, intimating there was considerable sickness and some demoralization, and that in consequence of the neglect or ignorance of the Colonel, the Regiment has never been mustered into the service of the United States, and therefore, the men could not draw their pay, and would not march until the affiar was satifactorily arranged.  This, and the general impression that the colonel, Ben Harrison, was universally detested and despised by men and officers, with a few exceptions, is all we have ever heard that could be construed as detrimental to the 70th Reg. --- ED.  VOL.]
Submitted by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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