The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Monday, April 7, 1924
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Reception Celebrated Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
          With faces radiantly beaming and hearts aglow,  Mr. and Mrs. William Ewick, well known residents of this city, greeted many of their relatives and friends at the home of  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Campbell, of State street, Sunday afternoon, in honor of their fiftieth wedding anniversary, Mrs. Campbell is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ewick.  Preceding the reception held at the Campbell home, an elegant chicken dinner was served by Mr. and Mrs. Ewick afor members of their family.
          Lovely spring flowers were abundantly used for the arrangements and made a very appropriate background for the delightful function, which was one of the happy events in the lives of this estimable aged couple.
          The hostesses for the afternoon were as follows:  Mrs. Campbell,  Mrs. Alice Cross,  Mrs. J. W. Dow,  Mrs. Ernest Weimar,  Mrs. Russell Ewick,  Miss Catherine Dow,  Miss Marie Oltman,  and  Hazel May Ewick.
          An interesting feature of the afternoon was the splendid program, including both literary and musical numbers.  The principal address was made by the Rev. I. C. Overman, pastor of the First Baptist church and a splendid paper, "The Questionnaire," written by a relative of the couple who was unable to be present, was read by  Mrs. J. W. Dow  of Kokomo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ewick.
          Mr. and Mrs. Ewick were united in marriage at the home of her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. John Thrawley, of Hendricks township, April 6, 1874, and the wedding was one of the notable events in that community.  Following their marriage, they resided on a farm in Hendricks township, but later moved to this city, where they have since resided.  They have established an everlasting friendship with many residents of the city and county who extend heartiest of congratulations over the happy event Sunday.
          [I cannot read the first part of this sentence] ..., Mrs. Andrew Campbell,  Mrs. Carey Worland, of this city,  Mrs. Bert McCleary, of South Bend, and  Mrs. J. W. Dow, of Kokomo.  The sons are  Frank,  Russell  and  Thomas Ewick, of this city.
          Mr. Ewick will be eighty years old, Sept. 13, and Mrs. Ewick is seventy years old.  Both enjoy excellent health.
          The out-of town guests at the reception Sunday were as follows:  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dow, daughter  Catherine, of Kokomo;  Mr. and Mrs. Paskell Edgar,  Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cross;  and  Mrs. Julia Neff,  of Knightstown;  John Murphy and daughter,  Katherine, of Elwood;  Mrs. Ellen Davis  and family, of Manilla;  Mrs. Bert McCleary, of South Bend, and  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dugan, of Smithland.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday May 3, 1923
(From Tuesday’s Daily)
           Clara May Ewick  has filed a complaint in the Shelby circuit court against  Virgil W. Ewick,  for a divorce, charging that the defendant was attentive to  Myrtle Anderson, his former wife and that he refused to work. Mrs. Ewick is represented by Walter C. Reece, attorney, in the action.
          The couple was married September 5, 1921, and the separation took place August 22, 1922, less that a year after the marriage. In addition to paying attention to his former wife, Mrs. Ewick charges the defendant entertained his former wife at his home.  She alleges that he gambled his money away and then accused the plaintiff of stealing it and that he has threatened to kill her and her daughter.
          One of the allegations in the complaint is that Mr. Ewick only bought two aprons for his wife during their married life together.  Mrs. Ewick states she was compelled to do washings to obtain money for herself.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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