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The  Indianapolis  Star
November 24, 1915
Page 4  Column 4
         Frank Ewing,  a member of the school board, and his wife and three children narrowly escaped asphyxiation when their home filled with gas fumes from a baseburner due to a choked chimney.  Mrs. Ewing became unconscious while preparing breakfast.  The shrieks of two of the children awoke the father and he called a doctor.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The  Indianapolis  Star
October 17, 1915
Page 7  Column 7
          SHELBYVILLE -- Miss Lydia Becker  and  Mrs. Lettie Barnett  are visiting  Mrs. James Ewing  at Butlerville, Ind.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The  Shelby  Democrat
June 3, 1915
Page 1
Re-elected By City Council
Last Night For Term Of
Three Years.
(From Wednesday's Daily.)
          W. Frank Ewing  was re-elected as a member of the city school board at the regular meeting of the city council last night.  The vote on the resolution for his election stood five to two, and he will thus continue as a member of the school board for three years from the first of next August.  He is finishing his first term of three years as a member of the board and is now its president.  He has been an excellent official for the city, taking great interest at all times in the schools, and his friends will rejoice in his re-election.
          There was no other candidate openly seeking the place and the manner of procedure in the re-election of Mr. Ewing last night led to the impressions that even he was not asking re-election.
          As soon as the resolution calling for his election was read  Councilman Lemmon  arose and explained that so far as he knew Mr. Ewing was not seeking the place and that there was apparently not an active candidate.  He said he was not against Mr. Ewing, but thought there ought to be further publicity in the matter so that there might be some active candidates.  He urged that in view of the fact that Mr. Ewing was not a candidate that action on the resolution be deferred until the next meeting, and made a motion to that effect.  His motion was seconded by  Councilman Parrish.  Both voted aye on the motion, the other five councilmen voting no.  It was a viva voce vote and to make sure of the matter the mayor called for a second and rising vote.  The result was the same.
          The vote on the resolution by roll call shows  Messrs. Lemmon and  Parrish  voting no and the other five....
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, December 15, 1913
Page 1
          Frank Ewing  has gone to Greensburg to remain until Wednesday evening on a business visit.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, December 26, 1905
          Mr. and Mrs. James Ewing  of Greenwood were the guests of relatives here yesterday.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  National  Volunteer
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
June 1, 1854
          Lightning struck the barn belonging to James A. Ewing of Brandywine Township, on Sunday evening last, destroying it.
Abstracted by Maurice Holmes, in his book Shelbyville, Indiana, Newspaper Excerpts: 1853-1859.  Submitted by Sherry Badgley Ryan, with permission from the author.

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