The  Shelby  Democrat
October 7, 1915
Accident  Occurred  Last  Night  And
She  Lay  Helpless  Until  Morning.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
         An experience that must have been a terrible one for the victim befell  Mrs. C. A. Fallin, an aged resident of Fairland, some time last night, tho just at what time she is unable to say.  She arose from bed and in groping about the room in the darkness fell and broke her right arm at the shoulder joint.  The accident rendered her so helpless that she was not able to arouse any of her neighbors until after daylight.  Dr. Wells was then called and he did all he could to make her comfortable.  He set the bone, but it is feared it will not heal, as Mrs. Fallin is 92 years old.
          Mrs. Fallin said that she lay on the floor for some time following the fall and that she called as loud as she could, but was not able to arouse any of the neighbors.  Then she managed to crawl back into bed.  Her sufferings were such that she rolled about in the bed and made the fracture even worse than it would have been had help been at hand.
          Mrs. Fallin lives by herself and has been a resident of Fairland for many years.  Her only relatives are two nephews living in Ohio, but they seldom visit her.  She has an estate of sufficient value to keep her in comfort and she usually spends the winters in Florida.  She had been planning to leave for that state in the very near future.  She has always preferred to live alone.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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