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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, September 7, 1911
Mrs. Anna Glass Sues Her
Husband, George Glass,
in Circuit Court.
Told Her at the Time He Inteneded to
Kill Her -- Left His Home and Has
Been Working at Indianapolis
for Past Two Years.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
          Mrs. Anna Glass,  of Walker street, has filed suit in the Shelby Circuit court thru  Attorney E. W. McDaniel  asking a divorce from her husband,  George Glass,  who is now employed in the Lauter furniture factory at Indianapolis.  She also asks for the custody of their four children -- Ralph,  aged eighteen years;  Viola,  aged fourteen;  Lillian,  aged ten, and  Otto,  aged eight, and that the court order her husband to contribute six dollars per week toward the support of herself and the children.  She asserts in the complaint that Mr. Glass is earning $15 per week.
          Mrs. Glass Alleges that her husband deserted her August 9, 1909, leaving her while she was sick and with the four small children in her care and dependent wholly upon her for support.  The couple were married July 9, 1891.
          Mr. Glass was formerly a member of the police force of this city and is pretty well known all over the county.  His wife alleges that he treated her cruelly and inhumanly, and she charges that he struck and beat her on several occasions.  She says he once pointed a revolver at her, telling her at the time that he intended to kill her.  She says he falsely charged her with illicit relations with other men and that he told her in the presence of the children that he was not their father.  She says that he failed to provide for her and the children and that he is an habitual drunkard.  She says he has not contributed toward their support since he left home, tho he has been earning at least fifteen dollars per week during the two years he has been working in Indianapolis.
          Mrs. Glass states in the complaint that she and her husband own their resdience property jointly and that it is worth $700, but is encumbered with a mortgage of $500 in a local building association.  She says she has not been able recently to keep up the weekly dues of $1.25 in the association and that they are far in arrears.  She declares her husband has refused even to provide her with money to pay the dues or to pay them himself.  In asking for the six dollars per week for herself and the children she says she will devote a part of it each week to paying the dues in the building association.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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