The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Friday January 30, 1925
Farmer Claims That Wife Hit
Him in Face With a Broom
Handle and Threw Poker
          For nine years, Otto J. Hankins, farmer of Decatur county says his wife mistreated him and finally she returned to the home of her parents.  Mr. Hankins filed a complaint for a divorce against the wife, Mrs. Elsie M. Hankins, and the case has been entered in the Shelby circuit court on a change of venue from the Decatur circuit court at Greensburg.
          Mr. Hankins also demands the custody of their two children for whom the defendant showed no regard, he says.  Mr. Hankins charges that his wife hit him in the face with a broom handle and that she threw a poker at him.  He also charges that she was lazy and neglected her household duties.  She would take prolonged visits and continually refused to cook his meals for him.
          The couple was married October 7, 1915 and have been separated since February 9, 1924, when Mr. Hankins claims his wife went to the home of her parents and failed to return.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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