The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday June 14, 1900
Page 6 column 2
           A beautiful June wedding occurred Thursday evening in the marriage of  Miss Dell Ensminger, daughter of  Mrs. Jean Ensminger, who resides near Vienna, and  Arlande E. Hayworth, deputy auditor of Shelby county.  Rev. George H. Reiboldt, of the St. Paul M. E. Church pronounced the ceremony in the presence of the families and a number of intimate friends.  The rural home presented a scene of combined comfort and beauty.  The music rendered by  Mr. Broils, the  McKay sisters and  Miss Ida Heck, added much to the cheer and joy of the hour so pleasantly spent after the party had partaken of the delicacies of the bride's table.  The bride is one of Shelby county's most popular and progressive teachers.  Since her earliest youth she has been one of the most devoted and earnest workers in the Methodist church at Vienna.  In this little ideal society, Miss Del, as she is most favorably known was beloved by all, and held in the highest esteem as a most conscientious and devoted Christian woman.  Her many friends will miss her greatly in her old home.  The groom is a young man of sterling character and has a most flattering promise of a very successful and happy future.  For years he was a favorite among Shelby county's teachers, carrying with him wherever he went, the highest regard of the public which he served.  Today he is Shelby county's Deputy Auditor, the responsibilities of which office he continues to help bear with greatest credit.  He lives in the highest confidence of the officials and the public from whom he is the daily recipient of expressions of praise and promise.  May the sea of life over which they sail, be one of peace and much joy.
Contributed by Barb Huff  for Bob McKenzie

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