The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday February 25, 1915
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Charge of Abandonment is Urged
by Mrs. Lulu Hume in Divorce Suit
Case Set For Trial Today Continued Indefinitely
Because Defendant is Suffering From a Broken Leg
(From Thursday’s Daily)
          Mrs. Lulu Hume, employed as a domestic in a home on west Franklin street, filed suit in circuit court today asking a divorce from Claude Hume, and the custody of their son, Claude, now six years old.  Mr. Hume is said to be living somewhere in the north part of the state.  The couple were married February 24, 1908, and their period of happiness together was brief indeed, for the complaint shows that they separated March 12, 1908.
          Mrs. Hume alleges that her husband abandoned her without cause and that he has not since the day he left contributed anything toward the support of herself and the child.  She asks for the custody of the child on the allegation that Mr. Hume is not a fit person to have the care of the boy.  She states that her husband is past thirty years of age and that he is earning good wages.  In connection with the issuing of the divorce decree she asks that the court order her husband to pay her attorneys $25 as a fees and that he be compelled to contribute $3 per week toward the support of the child.  Mrs. Hume is represented in the suit by Hord & Adams.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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