The  Shelbyville  News
Monday, July 7, 1952
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          With a former St. Paul woman, Mrs. Fern Jewett Ralston, holding a key position aboard  the ship, the new superliner  SS United States  today completed the fastest Atlantic crossing in history, clipping 10 hours and two minutes off the 14-year-old record set by Britain's Queen Mary.
          Mrs. Ralston, daughter of  Dr. and Mrs. Earl Jewett  of St. Paul, is the chief telephone operator on the  United States.  She formerly was chief operator in the Marathon building in Washington, D. C., and has been in Washington for about 15 years.
          Despite buffeting by rain and 45-mile-an-hour winds in the final hours, the 53,000-ton United States  sped past Bishop's rock off the southwest top of England three days, 10 hours and 40 minutes after leaving New York's Ambrose Light.
          The United Press said the big ship completed its record run of 2,942 miles at an average speed of 35,659 knots -- equilvalent[sic] to 40.9 land miles an hour -- to win the mythical Atlantic blue ribbon and become the fastest passenger ship in history.
          The  Queen Mary's   record 1938 run was 31.9 knots.
          The Atlantic speed crown returned to America for the first time in a century when the trim new black and white  United States  passed 8.1 miles off Bishop's Rock at 6:16 a.m. on its maiden voyage.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, November 16, 1905
           Israel D. Jewett, of St. Paul, was a visitor here yesterday.
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The  Daily  Republican
Friday Evening, July 6, 1888
Dissolution Notice.
          By mutual consent the firm of  Jewett & Ham, manufacturers and dealers in monuments and stone work, dissolved partnership to-day, Mr. M. Ham  retiring and  E. P. Jewett  continuing the business.
          July 6, 1888.
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