The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
September 28, 1928
          Offices which were not filled a week ago at the senior class elections were supplied this afternoon by member of the class. A secretary, treasurer and a student member of the high school budget board were chosen.
          Arthur Zeller  is the class secretary and  Edmund Keeney  was named treasurer of the organization.  Miss Mary Frances Yarling  was elected as the student member of the budget board.  Each year, the senior class is represented on the board by one of its members.
          At the election last week, Emmett Bass  was chosen class president and  Claude Main, vice-president.
Contributed by Linda Allen

The  Shelby  Democrat
April 3, 1913
Page 5 Column 3
Stories Illustrate Good and
Bad Calamity Brings to
the Surface.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
          Many incidents depicting the different phases of humna nature fall under the observation of the members of the relief committee in charge of the store of goods that have been sent to the city hall to aid those who have suffered from the flood.
          Saturday,  Mrs. B. G. Keeney  was waiting on a woman who had called at the hall for some clothing.  Mrs. Keeney gave the woman all she asked for and even more.  Then she had to give her attention to looking after the wants of a little girl.  So she told the woman to wrap up the bundle and take it with her.  Chancing to glance in the direction of the woman a few minutes later Mrs. Keeney saw her deliberately steal one of the finest petticoats she could find in the stock of goods.  Mrs. Keeney said not a word and allowed the woman to walk from the building with the goods that had been given her and the stolen petticoat.  However, it is very likely she thought a great deal about the matter.
          In cheerful contrat to this is another story concerning the loss of a ring by  Miss Delsie Farrell.  The ring slipped from Miss Farrell's finger into a bundle of goods that had .... Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday, June 13, 1912
          Last night no less than six persons suffered injuries and damage the result of a pile of limbs that had been trimmed from trees being left in west Broadway near Tompkins street.  No warning lights had been placed out and five persons riding bicycles took headers when they unexpectedly encountered the obstruction and Dr. B. G. Keeney hit the pile with his auto while making a late trip to his home after having been out on a professional call.
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A  Shelbyville, Indiana, newspaper
March 22, 1912
          G. H. Keeney,  of Rising Sun, was here Thursday night the guest of his son,  Dr. B. G. Keeney,  wife and son.  He was enroute home from the Democratic state convention.
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