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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Wednesday, January 22, 1936
    Mrs. Martha J. Camper's
Will Is Probated in
Local Court
        Real estate owned by Mrs. Martha J. Camper, who died Monday night near Gwynneville, is to be sold and the proceeds are to be divided equally among her children, in accordance with her will, which was probated yesterday afternoon in the Shelby Circuit court.
          Payments of debts out of the estate is provided for, and household goods and wearing apparel of the decedent are bequeathed to a daughter, Mrs. Avis Havens, at whose home Mrs. Camper died.
          The money from the real estate sale is to be shared by the seven children:  Mrs. Havens,  Mrs. Magdalene Haskett,  Frank,  John,  Jasper,  William  and  Otto Camper.  Frank Alexander is named executor of the will, which was signed by the testatrix Aug. 5, 1922, with Ralph Adams and Elmer Bassett as witnesses.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday, January 14, 1926
Page 1   column 5
Brandywine Township Farmer
Claims He Was Abandoned the
Third Time by Spouse
          Lafayette H. Kemper, farmer of Brandywine township, asks a divorce from his wife,  Ada M. Kemper, in a complaint filed today in the Shelby circuit court.  He is represented in the action by Williams & Pell, attorneys.
          The couple was married Nov. 3, 1895, and according to Mr. Kemper, his wife abandoned him May 22, 1924.  He alleges that she told him she was going to the home of her father n Hendricks county, but that he learned she went to the state of Michigan.  She is now living at Elyria, O., he claims.  Mr. Kemper states that his wife abandoned him on two other occasions and that in the last case he has written for her to return, but she refuses.
          Mr. Kemper also charges that his wife kept company with other men and that she is now engaged to marry another man and is only waiting for the divorce to be granted for the ceremony to take place.  He declares that she was sullen and morose about the house and was sloven in her work.  She refused to cook the meals or help her husband in his work on the farm, according to the complaint.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
January 23, 1896
Page 3 column 2
          William Kemper,  the Hanover township young man who disturbed a religious meeting Christmas eve, was fined $12.00 by  Squire Thompson  Friday morning.  Squire Higgins  fined  Albert Ash  the same amount for a similar offense.
Contributed by Phyllis Fleming

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