The  Shelbyville  Republican
Friday December 26, 1924
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Mrs. Conrad Kney Probably Fatally Wounded
By Son on Thursday Afternoon
Gun Was Discharged When Boy’s Glove 
Accidentally Released The Hammer
          Mrs. Erminie Kney, age forty-two, wife of  Conrad Kney, of near Manilla, in Walker township, Rush county, was shot and probably fatally wounded Thursday afternoon, about three o’clock by her son  Morris Kney, age sixteen, a pupil in the high school at Manilla.  The shooting occurred at the Kney home.
            The happening was accidental, and occurred as the boy was making preparations to leave his home for a short hunting trip.  The son is prostrated with grief over the affair.  Mrs. Kney and her son were alone in the house when the accident occurred.  The boy had obtained his .22 caliber rifle and had stated the he intended to go out hunting for a short time.  He had loaded the gun, and had started towards the door, when in some manner his glove caught on the hammer of the rifle and it was discharged.  The bullet entered his mother’s abdomen, as she stood near the door.  Mrs. Kney did not lose consciousness and remained on her feet after the accident.  The boy ran from the house and out to the field where Mr. Kney had been at work, and summoned his father to the house.  When he arrived he found his wife walking on the front porch of the house.  Dr. Barnett, of Homer, was called, and after attending Mrs. Kney, she was brought to the Major Memorial hospital in this city in Carmony Brothers ambulance.  An operation was performed on her Thursday night by the Drs. Inlow.  It was stated today that her condition is serious, and not much hopes are entertained for her recovery by members of the family.  During the operation it was found that the bullet had made several holes and tears in the intestines and in the intestinal lining.  The son had always been warned to be careful in the handling and use of firearms, and had been considered as most careful by his relatives.  The happening could not be fully explained by the boy, who was overcome with grief, except that in some manner in walking from the house his glove had touched the hammer of the gun, had snapped it shut, and had caused the bullet to be fired.  Mrs. Kney is a daughter of  Mrs. Belle McDaniel, of Walker township, and near Blue Ridge.  Her father was the late Charles McDaniel.
Contributed by Barb Huff  for Bob McKenzie

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